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Which one of the following is the most suitable strategy to teach the skill of addition of money?

  • Roleplay

  • Use of models

  • Doing lots of problems

  • Use of ICT


After teaching the concept of multiplication to her class, a teacher asked her children to multiply 48 by 4. One of her students solved it orally as "To multiply 48 by 4, we first add 48 to 48, which makes 96 and then add another 96 to reach 192. So, the answer is 192". What can you say about his/her strategy of multiplication?

  • He/She has not understood the concept of multiplication.

  • The given problem is a multiplication problem and not addition problem.

  • He/She understood multiplication as repeated addition.

  • The child used a wrong method to multiply.He/She has to use the place value algorithm to multiply the numbers


Which one of the following should be taken up as initial activity in introducing the concept of 'time' to young learners?

  • Teaching children how to read time in clock

  • Teaching children how to calculate elapsed time

  • Conversion of time in different units

  • Discussing about the prior experiences with phrases related to time


Which one of the following is not the purpose of assessment?
A. Monitoring student's growth
B. Making instructional decision
C. Evaluating the effectiveness of curriculum
D. Ranking the children based on performance

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

  • D

  • B

  • C

  • A


Which one of the following methods is most suitable for teaching mathematics at the upper primary level?

  • Lecture method

  • Activity-based learning

  • Problem-solving method

  • Demonstration method


Which one of the following is not a mathematical process?

  • Memorisation

  • Estimation

  • Measurement

  • Visualisation


A coin is tossed 10 times and the outcomes are observed as
H, T, H, T, T, H, H, T, H, H
(H is Head; T is Tail)
What is the probability of getting Head?

  • 45

  • 25

  • 15

  • 35


Which of the following is the best method to teach geometry?

  • Play method

  • Drill method

  • Formula-based method

  • Display method


In a leap year, the probability of getting 53 Sunday is

  • 27

  • 37

  • 17

  • 47


From a pack of 52 playing cards, a card is drawn at random. What is the probability that the card is a spade or an ace?

  • 413

  • 613

  • 813

  • 25