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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


The major product of the following reaction is,


The reaction is a dehydrohalogenation E2-elimination reaction. Elimination takes place in single step and proceed by formation of transition state from anti position.


Which of the following salts is the most basic in aqueous solution?

  • Pb(CH3COO)2

  • Al(CN)3


  • FeCl3



CH3COOK is most basic among the given salts.

CH3COOK + H2O     CH3COOH weak Acid+ KOHStrong Base


The correct increasing order of the acidic strength of acids, butyric acid (I), 2-chlorobutyric acid (II), 3-chlorobutyric acid (III) and 2, 2-dichlorobutyric acid (IV) is 

  • I < II < III < IV

  • III < II < IV < I

  • I < III < II < IV

  • III < I < II < IV


I < III < II < IV

Among the given list of acids, the acidic strength increases on-

(i) Presence of electron with drawing group (i.e. - I group)

(ii) Closeness of electron withdrawing group from the -COOH group.

(iii) Number of electron with drawing groups (i.e. -I group)

Hence, the correct order among the given options will be I < III < II < IV


Which of the following in Baeyer's reagent?

  • Alkaline KMnO4

  • Acidic K2Cr2O7

  • Alkaline Na2Cr2O7

  • MnO2


Alkaline KMnO4

Alkaline KMnO4 is called Baeyer's reagent. It is used to test unsaturation in an organic compound, when it decolorises KMnO4.

CH2 = CH2H2O + OAlk. KMnO4 → C|OHH2-C|OHH2


The condensation reaction between one equivalent of acetone and two equivalents of benzaldehyde in presence of dilute alkali leads to the formation of

  • Benzalacetophenone

  • Benzylideneacetone

  • Dibenzylideneacetone

  • Benzoic acid and acetic acid



When two moles of benzaldehyde react with one mole of acetone. It shows aldol condensation as follows-

Therefore, among all the given options, option c is the correct one.