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Force And Pressure

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Explain contact and non-contact forces.

1. Contact forces

The forces which come in action, when two objects come in contact with each other are called contact forces.

e.g. Muscular force and Friction are contact forces.

2. Non-Contact forces

The forces which the body exerts on another, without any contact with one another are called non-contact forces.

e.g. Electrostatic and Magnetic forces are non-contact forces. 

To move a loaded trolley we have to ____________ it.


Give two examples of situations in which applied force causes a change in the shape of an object.

The shape of an object can be changed due to applied force. For example:

1. When force is applied on a lump of dough on a plate. 
2. The spring fitted under the seat of a bicycle gets compressed when you sit on the seat. 

Give two examples each of situations in which you push or pull to change the state of motion of objects.

Objects are pushed or pulled inorder to change it's state of motion.

Examples of push are:
1) We push a door to open it.
2) A football player kicks the ball and pushes it. 

Examples of pull are:
1) We pull the desk to change its position.
2) The rope is pulled, to draw a bucket of water from a well.

A charged body ____________ an uncharged body towards it.


To draw water from a well,we have to ____________ the rope.