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Which of the following phases correspond to the interval between mitosis and initiation of DNA replication?

  • S phase

  • G1 phase

  • G2 phase

  • M phase

  • M phase


Which of these is not a key feature of meiosis?

  • Meiosis involves two sequential cycles of nuclear and cell division 

  • Meiosis involves pairing of homologous chromosomes

  • Two cycles of DNA replication occur during meiosis

  • Three is recombination between the paired homologous chromosomes

  • Three is recombination between the paired homologous chromosomes


The correct sequence of phases of cell cycle is

  • G1 → G2 → S → M

  • S → G1 → G2 → M

  • G1 → S → G2 → M

  • M → G1 → G2 → S



Cells in G0 phase :

  • enter the cell cycle

  • suspend the cell cycle

  • terminate the cell cycle

  • exit the cell cycle


exit the cell cycle

Cells in G0 phase are said to exit cell cycle. These are at quiescent stage and do not proliferate unless called upon to do so.