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Two wires are made of the same material and have the same volume. The first wire has cross-sectional area A and the second wire has cross-sectional area 3A. If the length of the first wire is increased by Δl on applying a force F, how much force is needed to stretch the second wire by the same amount?

  • 9F

  • 6F

  • F

  • 4F


The fundamental frequency in an open organ pipe is equal to the third harmonic of a closed organ pipe. If the length of the closed organ pipe is 20 cm, the length of the open organ pipe is

  • 13.2 cm

  • 8 cm

  • 16 cm

  • 12.5 cm


A ball falling in a lake depth 200 m shows a decrease of 0.1 % in its volume at the bottom then the bulk modulus of the material of the ball is

  • 19.6×108 N/m2

  • 19.2×107N/m2

  • 24×109 N/m2

  • 24×105 N/m2


A fixed volume of iron is drawn into a wire of length l. The extension x produced in this wire by a constant force F is proportional to

  • l

  • 1l

  • l2

  • 1l2


Two bars A and B of circular cross-section and same volume made of same material are subjected under same tension. If the diameter of A is half that of B. The ratio of extension of A to B will be

  • 16

  • 2

  • 14

  • 4


The dimensional formula for Young's modulus is

  • M L-1 T-2

  • Mo L T-2

  • M L T-2

  • M L2T-2


The maximum number of possible interference maxima for slit-separation equal to twice the wavelength in Young's double slit experiment is

  • infinite

  • five

  • three

  • zero


A wire can be broken by applying load of 200 N. The force required to break another wire of the same length and same material, but double in diameter is

  • 200 N

  • 400 N

  • 600 N

  • 800 N


A cube of side 40 mm has its upper face displaced by 0.1 mm by a tangential force of 8 kN. The shearing modulus of cube is

  • 2 × 109 Nm-2

  • 4 × 109 Nm-2 

  • 8 × 109 Nm-2

  • 16 × 109 Nm-2


If Young's double slit experiment is performed i water instead of air, then

  • no fringes would be seen

  • fringe width would decrease

  • fringe width would increase

  • fringe width would remain unchanged