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When a force F is applied on a wire oflength L and radius r, extension produce is l. If same force F is applied on the same material wire of length 2 L and radius 2r, then extension will be

  • l

  • 2l

  • l/2

  • 4l


Energy stored in the unit volume of a wire due to its elasticity is 

  • 12 (force × strain)

  • 12 stress × strain

  • stress/strain

  • force/strain


Which of the following has maximum property of elasticity?

  • Rubber

  • Lead

  • Wood

  • Steel


Copper has face centred cubic (fcc) lattice with interatomic spacing equals to 2.54 A. The value of lattice constant for this lattice is

  • 3.59 A

  • 2.54 A

  • 1.27 A

  • 5.08 A


A copper wire and a steel wire of the same diameter and length are connected end to end and a force is applied which stretches their combined length by 1 cm. Then the two wires will have

  • the same stress and strain

  • the same stress but different strain

  • the same strain but different stress

  • different stress and strain


A solid sphere of radius r made of a material of bulk modulus K is surrounded by a liquid in cyliridrical container. The massless piston of area A floats on the surface of the liquid. If a mass m is placed on a piston to compress the liquid, then the fractional change in the radius of the sphere will be

  • mgAK

  • 2mgAK

  • 3mgAK

  • mg3AK


Two wires of same material and length are stretched by the same force. Their masses are in the ratio 4 : 3. The ratio of their elongation will be

  • 16 : 9

  • 9 : 16

  • 4 : 3

  • 3 : 4


A wire suspended vertically from one of its ends is stretched by attaching a weight 100 N to the lower end. The wire stretches by 1mm. The elastic energy stored in the wire is

  • 0.02 J

  • 0.05 J

  • 0.1 J

  • 0.2 J


A circular metal plate of radius 5 cm rests on a layer of centre oil 2mm thick whose coefficient of viscosity is 15.5 dyne cm-2 s. The value of shearing stress when a horizontal force move the plate with a speed of 5 cm/s will be

  • 387.5 dyne cm-2

  • 328 dyne cm-2

  • 250 dyne cm-2

  • 428 dyne cm-2


A steel wire of length 15 m has density = 7.7 × 103 kg/m3 and Young's modulus = 2.2 × 1011 N/m2. It is subjected to a tension which produces an elastic strain of 1%. Its fundamental frequency of vibration must be

  • 256 Hz

  • 178 Hz

  • 170 Hz

  • 200 Hz