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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Choose the wrong statement

  • Tight junctions helps to stop substances from leaking across a tissue

  • Adhering junctions perform cementing to keep neighbouring cells together

  • Gap junctions facilitate the cells to communicate with each other by connecting the nuclei of adjoining cells

  • The main functions of Cuboidal epithelium are secretion and absorption

  • The main functions of Cuboidal epithelium are secretion and absorption


Match the following

Column I Column II
i. Squamous epithelium A. bone
ii. Dense regular connective tissue B. skin
iii. Glandular epithelium C. air sacs of lungs
iv. Specialized connective tissue D.  tendon
v. Dense irregular connective tissue E.  goblet cells

  • i - B; ii - E; iii - C; iv - D; v - A

  • i - C; ii - E; iii - A; iv - B; v - D

  • i - C; ii - D; iii - E; iv - A; v - B

  • i - E; ii - A; iii - B; iv - D; v - C

  • i - E; ii - A; iii - B; iv - D; v - C


The collagenous connective tissue layer holding the muscle bundles together is 

  • Pleura

  • Pericardium

  • Sarcolemma

  • Fascia

  • Fascia


The ciliated epithelial cells are required to move particles or mucus in a specific direction. In humans, these cells are mainly present in

  • Fallopian tubes and Pancreatic duct

  • Eustachian tube and Salivary duct

  • Bronchioles and Fallopian tubes

  • Bile duct and Brochioles


Select the correct sequence of organs in the alimentary canal of cockroach starting from mouth

  • Pharynx → Oesophagus → Gizzard → Crop → Ileum → Colon → Rectum

  • Pharynx → Oesophagus → Gizzard → Ileum → Crop → Colon → Rectum

  • Pharynx → Oesophagus → Ileum → Crop → Gizzard → Colon → Rectum

  • Pharynx → Oesophagus → Crop → Gizzard → Ileum → Colon → Rectum