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In the female cockroach the anterior wall, roof and floor of genital pouch are formed respectively by the following abdominal sterna of

  • 7th , 8th and 9th segments

  • 8th , 7th and 9th segments

  • 9th , 8th and 7th  segments

  • 8th , 9th and 7th segments


Pacinian corpuscles occur in the skin of certain parts of body in mammals. These are

  • type of glands

  • pain receptors

  • naked tactile receptors

  • encapsulated pressure receptors.


Study the following statements with reference to nervous system in Periplanata.

I. The brain is mainly a sensory and an endocrine centre.

II. All thoracic ganglia supply nerves to the parts of their respective segments only.

III. Sixth abdominal ganglion is the largest of all the abdominal ganglia.

IV. Frontal ganglion is connected to the ingluvial ganglion by a recurrent nerve.

From the above identify the correct statements

  • II and IV

  • II and III

  • I and III

  • I and IV