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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


An infinite number of charges, each equal to q, are placed along the x-axis at x=1, x=2, x = 4, x=8 and so on. What is the potential at x = 0 due to this set of charges ?

 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


An explosion breaks a rock into three parts in a horizontal plane. Two of them go off at right angles to each other. The first part of mass 1 kg moves with a speed of 12 ms-1 and the second part of mass 2 kg moves with 8 ms-1 speed. If the third part flies off with 4 ms-1 speed, then its mass is

  • 3 kg

  • 5 kg

  • 7 kg

  • 17 kg


A rod PQ of mass M and length L is hinged at end P. The rod is kept horizontal by a massless string tied to point Q as shown in figure. When string is cut, the initial angular acceleration of the rod is


  • 3g2L

  • gL

  • 2gL

  • 2g3L


A solid uniform sphere resting on a rough horizontal plane is given a horizontal impulse directed through its centre so that it starts sliding with an initial velocity v0. When it finally starts rolling without slipping the speed of its centre is

  • 27 v0

  • 37 v0

  • 57 v0

  • 67 v0


Three identical square plates rotate about the axes shown in the figure in such a way that their kinetic energies are equal. Each of the rotation axes passes through the centre of the square. Then the ratio of angular speeds ω1 : ω2 : ω3 is


  • 1 : 1 : 1

  • 2 : 2 : 1

  • 1 : 2 : 1

  • 1 : 2 : 2


A large number of particles are placed around the origin, each at a distance R from the origin. The distance of the centre of mass of the system from the origin is

  • equal to R

  • less than equal to R

  • greater than R

  • greater than equal to R


Two particles A and B are moving as shown in the figure.


Their total angular momentum about the point O is

  • 9.8 kg m2 / s

  • zero

  • 52.7 kg m2 / s

  • 37.9 kg m2 / s


A circular disc rolls on a horizontal floor without slipping and the centre of the disc moves with a uniform velocity v. Which of the following values of the velocity at a point on the rim of the disc can have ? 

  • v

  • − v

  • 2v

  • Zero