CBSE Class 10

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


You happened to witness a film being shot in your locality. Write a letter in 120-150 words to a friend describing your experience. You are Rani/Raman, 15, Vinay Nagar, Ooty.

Vinay Nagar,


29 October 2010

Dear Abc,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I wanted to share a unique experience with you. As I am too busy with my examinations and couldn’t personally come to you to share it, I thought of writing to you.

While on my way back from school yesterday, I saw a huge crowd gathered near my house. I made my way ahead tearing the crowd and noticed that a man was standing near a huge camera, wearing a hat and shouting for the clap to begin the shot. Soon, I discerned that a film was being shot there. I was thrilled to see my favourite actor, Shahrukh Khan shooting for his forthcoming film. I was overjoyed thinking that I was fortunate enough to witness him. People gathered there were excited to see the film stars perform in front of them. You will be surprised to know that I managed to take his autograph too.
I will share more about it when we meet. Bye for now.

Your friend,




Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you.

Watching TV / on exercise / while you are / the following ways / The American Council / suggests / to exercise /

The American Council on exercise suggests the following ways to exercise while you are watching TV.

(a) the remote / the channel / to change / get up / from the couch / instead of using

(b) the room during / Walk up / the stairs / or around / and down / commercial breaks

(c) a treadmill / use / you watch / while / you can / TV/

(d) resistance band / while watching / use a / television /

(a) Get up from the couch to change the channel instead of using the remote.

(b) Walk up and down the stairs or around the room during commercial breaks.

(c) You can use a treadmill while you watch TV.

(d) Use a resistance band while watching television.



At the party, Lalitha was thrilled to notice that sitting in a corner all alone, was her friend whom she had not met for a long time.................... Complete the story in 120-150 words in any suitable way.

At the party, Lalitha was thrilled to notice that sitting in a corner all alone, was her friend whom she had not met for a long time. She approached her with enthusiasm and sat beside her. Unaware of her presence, Pushpa sat gloomily. However, she soon realised that someone was staring at her. Her happiness knew no bounds when she found that it was her best friend, Lalitha. She jumped in excitement and hugged her friend. All of a sudden, the boring party became lively for the two. They talked their hearts out without noticing that their loud voices had made all heads turn towards them. They talked about everything under the sun, just like old times. Soon the party wrapped up, but not for the two friends. Lalitha invited Pushpa to stay with her for the night at her house. The two friends had a ball well into the night.



Choose the appropriate options from the ones given below to complete the following passage:

As a young boy I (a) ……….. to play on the ground near my home. At the (b) ……… end of the ground was a library. I had often seen people walk in and out of it (c) ………… books in their hands. One evening I walked in and politely asked the librarian (d) ……..…a book.

(a) (i) was (ii) used (iii) are (iv) had

(b) (i) far (ii) near (iii) off (iv) hind

(c) (i) carried (ii) carrying(iii) carries (iv) carry

(d) (i) for (ii) him (iii) about (iv) to

(a) used

(b) far

(c) carrying

(d) for



Your school is celebrating grandparents’ day next week. Write a notice in 50-60 words to be put up on the school notice board informing students of the celebration and requesting them to be present with their grandparents. You are Samir/Suman, Head Boy/Head Girl ABC Sen. Sec. School, Delhi.


                                         ABC Senior Secondary School, Delhi


                                         Celebration of Grandparents' Day

5 March 2013

A celebration of Grandparents' Day is organised in our school on 10th March 2013 at Vipul Nayar Auditorium from 11:00 am. The students are requested to attend the function with their grandparents. Honourable Chief Minister, Smt. Sheila Dixit will be the guest for the day. For further details, contact the undersigned.


Head Girl



Inspite of laws banning child labour, children are still made to work. As President of the Residents' Association, make a speech in 120-150 words to be delivered at the Association's meeting about why it is still happening. Seek their co-operation to stop this practice.

Good morning members and residents,

Today, I would like to share my views on the topic of child labour. Children are important for the development of society. However, the children of poor families are bereft of the privileges of enjoying their childhood because of the prevalence of child labour.

Although several laws have been enforced to eradicate this practice, many households have employed children for work. They need to be educated rather than being exploited at work. As responsible citizens, we should ensure to bring down such practices. Moreover, attempts should be made to spread awareness about the rights of these children. Even a little contribution by us to the cause can change the lives of many children.

In the end, I would just like to thank you for your kind attention and hope that every one of us will do our bit to eradicate this illegal practice.



You are Mahesh. You have been asked to meet the passport officer urgently to clarify certain details regarding renewal of your passport. Write a message in 50-60 words for your mother who was not at home informing her of the matter and also telling her that you would be late in reaching home.


2 March 2013


I got a call from the passport office regarding the renewal of my passport. I have to go to meet the passport officer immediately in order to clarify certain important details. As I have no idea whether you have taken the spare keys along, I am leaving the house keys, Mrs. Singh. I’ll reach home late.




The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Identify the error and write it along the correction in the answer sheet. The first one has been done for you as an example.




One morning I finished one business at the bank



and was returning in pick my motorbike which I had left



in the parking lot outside, Suddenly he realized that I had



lost the bike key. Upset I searched about it in the bank. A bank



employee tried to help me find it, and in vain




















Study the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows by filling in the blanks suitable. 


− Octopush − underwater hockey game
− created by a group of English divers
− aim was to keep scuba diving club busy in winter
− each team − 8 players − battle for a lead puck with a pusher

Octopush (a) ……… hockey game. It (b) ……… a group of English divers.
The game (c) ………keeping the local scuba club busy during the winter months. The original rules required 8 players (d) ………… a lead puck with a small stick called pusher.

(a) is an underwater

(b) was created by

(c) was aimed at

(d) to battle for



Given below are details of an eminent environmentalist. Use the information to form a biographical sketch of Aruna Saxena in 80-100 words.

Aruna Saxena − born in 1978 − education − M.A. in Environmental Science
− achievements − actively involved in Green Revolution Movement − won her worldwide recognition − published a collection of poems, ‘Singing Birds’ − awards − won the national award for creating environmental awareness − other interests − painting, writing poetry −
− positions held − President of Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007, President of the Poetry Club in 2009

The eminent environmentalist Aruna Saxena was born in 1978. She has done her Masters degree in Environmental Science. Her active involvement in the Green Revolution Movement earned her a worldwide recognition. Her contributions towards creating environmental awareness gained her national award. Not only that, she has a keen interest in writing poetry too. She has published her collection of poems entitled Singing Birds. Apart from poetry, Painting interests her. She was the President of the Rotary Club of Marwar in 2007 and the President of the Poetry Club in 2009.