Social Science


CBSE Class 10

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsOne Word Answers

1. Which logo would you like to see for purchasing electrical goods? 



 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type

2. Explain with examples, how do industries give boost to the agriculture sector?

Those people who had earlier worked on farms now began to work in factories which is also known as disguised unemployment. Opening of cold storage have given opportunity to farmers to store their products like potatoes and onions and sell them when the price is good.



What was the major change that occurred in the political and constitutional scenario due to French Revolution in Europe?


How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam? 

Maritime Silk Route linked Europe and Asia. It opened up Hanoi to the ports in Egypt extending to the Red Sea. This route laid Chinese cultural influence on Vietnam, bringing about greater cultural intermingling. 



Describe the events of French Revolution which had influenced the people belonging to other parts of Europe.


Describe the major protest erupted in Saigon Native Girls School in 1926, in Vietnam. 

In 1926 a major protest erupted in the Saigon Native Girls School. A Vietnamese girl who was sitting in one of the front seats was asked to move back of the class and allow a French student to occupy the front bench. She refused. The principal, expelled her. When angry students protested, they too were expelled, leading to a further spread of open protests. Seeing the situation getting out of control, forced the school to take the students back. The principal reluctantly agreed but warned the students to crush Vietnamese under his feet.



Why did Mahatma Gandhiji decide to launch a nationwide Satyagraha against the proposed Rowlatt Act? Explain any three reasons. 

The reasons:

(i) Rowlatt Act had given the government enormous powers to repress political activities, and allowed detention of political prisoners without trial for two years.

(ii) The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where police had fired upon peaceful protestors, killing thousands.

(iii) To defend the harsh treaty that was imposed on the Ottoman emperor –the spiritual head of the Islamic world, the Khalifa.


6. Why is it necessary for the banks and cooperative societies to increase their lending facilities in rural areas? Explain. 

Most loans from informal lenders carry a very high interest rate and do little to increase the income of the borrowers. Thus, it is necessary that banks and cooperatives increase their lending particularly in the rural areas, so that the dependence on informal sources of credit reduces.

 Secondly, while formal sector loans need to expand, it is also necessary that everyone receives these loans. It is important that the formal credit is distributed more equally so that the poor can benefit from the cheaper loans.


7. In recent years how our markets have been transformed? Explain with examples. 

Starting around 1991, some far-reaching changes in policy were made in India. Barriers on foreign trade and foreign investment has been removed to a large extent. This meant that goods could be imported and exported easily and also foreign companies could set up factories and offices here.


With the liberalization of trade, businesses are allowed to make decisions freely about what they wish to import or export. The government imposes much less restrictions than before and is therefore said to be more liberal.




What is the meaning of 'barter system'? 

The system in which goods are directly exchanged without the use of money.


9. Describe the conditions in which markets do not work in a fair manner. 

The conditions are:

1. When producers are few and powerful

2. When consumers purchase in small quantities

3. When consumers are scattered


10. Why had the Indian Government put barrier to foreign trade and foreign investment after independence? State any one reason. 

This was considered necessary to protect the producers within the country from foreign competition.