Business Studies


CBSE Class 12

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type



An environmental conscious multinational company “AXN Ltd.” follows certain well-defined business principles that result to minimize the employee turnover. Following are some of the important environmental factors followed by ‘AXN Ltd.’

(1) Honour the law of every country in which it operates.
(2) Respect the culture and customs of all nations.
(3) Provide clean and safe products to enhance the quality of life throughout the world.
(4) Develop a culture in the company that enhances individual creativity and team work while honouring mutual trust and respect between management and labour.

From the above:
(i) identify and state any one general principle of management and any one dimension of business environment.
(ii) also identify any two values which the above guiding principles and environmental factors are conveying to the society.

(i) The general principles of management that can be identified is the principle of initiative and principle of Espirit De Corps (write anyone). According to Fayol, Workers should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements. Here the company is enhancing individual creativity and thus encouraging initiative. In the same way through teamwork and by honouring mutual trust and respect, they are following the principle of Espirit De Corps.

The dimensions of business environment are legal environment, social environment and cultural environment.

(ii) Values, conveying are:
(a) Respect for law
(b) Cleanliness and hygiene
(c) Raising standard of living and
(d) Secularism.



It is deciding in advance what to do and how to do? It is one of the basic managerial functions. It requires that before doing something, the manager must formulate an idea of how to work on a particular task. This function is closely connected with creativity and innovation. It seeks to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to go and is performed at all levels of management.
In spite of this the function of management referred above has a number of limitations. Explain any two such limitations.




Mr. Naresh recently completed his M.B.A. from one of the Indian Institutes of Management in Human Resource Management. He has been appointed as Human Resource Manager in a Truck Manufacturing Company. The company has 1,500 employees and has an expansion plan in hand that may require additional 500 persons for various types of jobs. Mr. Naresh has been given the complete charge of the company’s Human Resource Department.
List out the specialized activities that Mr. Naresh is supposed to perform as the Human Resource Manager of the company.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsLong Answer Type


A company has been registered under the Companies Act with an authorized share capital of `20,000 crores. Its registered office is situated in Delhi and manufacturing unit in a backward district of Rajasthan. Its marketing department is situated in Bhopal.
The company is manufacturing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).
(i) Suggest with the help of a diagram a suitable organization structure for the company.
(ii) State any three advantages of this organization structure.



Explain any five points of importance of directing function of management. 



‘i-phone India Ltd.’ is a manufacturer of advanced category of mobile phones. The company trained its engineers from Japan. It markets its mobile phones domestically as well as internationally. The company had a substantial market share and had a loyal customer following because of quality of its i-phone. From the last financial year the company had been unable to achieve its targets because of competition in the market.
The company is planning to revamp its controlling system.
(i) Identify the concepts of management involved in the above para.
(ii) State the steps of the revamped controlling process to be followed by the company to solve this problem.
(iii) Also, state any one value which the company wants to communicate to the society.



Aman, Ahmad and Ally are partners in a firm engaged in the distribution of dairy products in Maharashtra state. Aman is a holder of Senior Secondary School Certificate from Central Board of Secondary Education with Business Studies as one of his elective subjects. Ahmad had done his post-graduation in History and Ally in dairy farming. One day there was a serious discussion between Ahmad and Ally regarding the nature of management, Ahmad argued that management was a profession. Whereas Ally argued against it saying that the legal and medical profession are the only professions because they fulfill all the conditions of profession.
Aman on the basis of his knowledge of business studies explained the nature of management as a profession to Ahmad and Ally.
Explain, how Aman would have satisfied both Ahmad and Ally?



 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


A TV manufacturing company is spending substantial amount of money to persuade the target customers to buy its T.V. sets through advertisements, personal selling and sales promotion techniques. Identify the element of marketing mix referred here.



On the eve of Diwali Ravi purchased two kilograms of sweets from Nandan Sweets. On consumption of sweets his wife fell sick and was to be hospitalized. Ravi wanted to file a case in the consumer forum but could not do so because he did not have any proof of buying the sweets from Nandan sweets. Name the document that Ravi could had obtained for filing the complaint in the consumer forum. 



There are some characteristics that should be kept in mind while choosing a brand name. Explain any two such characteristics that a good brand name should have.