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CBSE Class 12
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CBSE Geography 2016 Exam Questions

One Word Answers


Name the state of India with highest literacy rate as per 2011 census.



Which major sea port on the eastern coast of India has a land-locked harbour ? 


Short Answer Type


“Leading a long and healthy life is an important aspect of human development.” Give an argument to support the statement. 

Health is the key area of human development and healthy people are capable of using all the resources and create wealth out of them.


Study the diagram given below and answer the questions that follow : 

(9.1) Identify and name the given rural settlement pattern.

(9.2) In which type of areas do we find such type of settlement patterns ?

(9.3) Give an important characteristic of this type of settlement pattern.

(9.1) Cross shaped/Rectangular

(9.2) They are found in plain areas where roads and railways cut each other at about right angle.

(9.3) The houses are built: (i) Side by side (ii) In a compact fashion (iii) They are specific to plains and valleys.


Study the following diagram and answer the questions that follow :

(10.1) Identify and name the steel plant shown in this diagram.

(10.2) Name the mining fields which supply coal and limestone to this plant.

(10.3) Mention the source of water for this plant.

(10.1) Tata Iron & Steel Plant (TISCO)

(10.2) Coal comes from Jharia Coal fields and limestone from Birmitrapur.

(10.3) Source of Water: Subernarekha and Kharkoi.

One Word Answers


Name the state of India with largest area. 


Short Answer Type


Why is the age structure considered an important indicator of population composition ? Give one reason. 

It represents the number of different age- groups.


“The nature and human beings are so intricately intertwined that they can’t be separated.” Substantiate the statement.

Nature and human beings are intertwined

(i) The nature & humans are inseparable.

(ii) In the natural environment, man has created social and cultural environment through mutual interaction.

(iii) Physical and human phenomena are often described in metaphors like –face of the earth, eye of the storm, mouth of the river, snout of the glacier, profile of the soil etc.


“Agri-business farms are mechanised and large in size.” Examine the statement.

Since Agri-business farms are commercial in nature that is why they are large and mechanised e.g. Tea-estate, Coffee- estates etc.


Examine the functioning of World Trade Organisation (WTO). 

It sets the rules for global trading system.

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