CBSE Class 12

Pre Boards

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Sample Papers

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


Study the map given below carefully and answer the questions that follow

(8.1) Identify and name the canal shown in the map.

(8.2) Write any four characteristics of this canal.

( 8.1) Suez canal

(8. 2) Characteristics -

i. It connects Mediterranean sea with Red sea.

ii. It gives Europe a new gateway to the Indian Ocean.

iii. It reduces distance between Liverpool and Colombo.

iv. It is sea level canal without locks. v. As the tolls are heavy, some find it cheaper to go by the longer Cape Route whenever the consequent delay is not important.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsOne Word Answers


Identify the five geographical features shown on the given political outline map of the World (on page 13) as A, B, C, D and E and write their correct names on the lines marked near them with the help of the following information :

A. A large country of Africa in terms of area

B. A major area of subsistence gathering

C. The terminal station of a ‘Transcontinental Railway’

D. A major seaport

E. An international airport

a. Algeria

b. Northern Eurasia

c. Perth

d. New Orleans

e. Santiago.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


Why is West Asia the least developed in rail facilities ? Explain one reason.

Reasons for Least development in rail facilities in West Asia is there Vast desert area.



State the two groups of factors which affect the profitability of mining.

two groups of factors which Profitability of mining depends on:-

i. Physical factors

ii. Economic factors



‘‘There is no consensus on what exactly defines a village or a town.’’ Analyse the statement by using different criteria.

Settlement is classified into urban and rural, but there is no consensus:

i. Population size is small in rural settlement than urban settlements but it is not a universally applied because many villages of India and China have population exceeding that of some towns of Western Europe and United States.

ii. People living in villages pursued agriculture or other primary activities, but presently in developed countries, large sections of urban populations prefer to live in villages even though they work in the city.

iii. Petrol pumps are considered as a rural function in the United States while it is an urban function in India.

iv. Facilities available in the villages of developed countries may be considered rare in villages of developing and less developed countries.



Describe any three characteristics of chain stores in the world.

Characteristics of chain stores in the world are :-

 i. Chain stores are able to purchase merchandise most economically to their specification.

ii. They often direct the manufacturers.

iii. They employ highly skilled specialists.

iv. They have the ability to experiment in one store and apply the results to many.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsOne Word Answers


Locate and label the following features with appropriate symbols on the
given political outline map of India:
(22.1) The state having the highest density of population according to
Census 2011
(22.2) The leading rice producing state
(22.3) The software technology park located in Gujarat
(22.4) The major coal field located in Odisha
(22.5) An international airport located in Tamil Nadu


 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


‘‘Nature provides opportunities and humans make use of these and slowly nature gets humanised and starts bearing the imprints of human endeavour.’’ Justify the statement.

The imprints of human activities are created everywhere; health resorts on highlands, huge urban sprawls, fields, orchards and pastures in plains and rolling hills, ports on the coasts, oceanic routes on he oceanic surface and satellites in the space. The earlier scholars termed this as possibilism.Nature provides opportunities and human being make use of these and slowly nature gets humanised and starts bearing the imprints of human endeavour.



Which country of the world has the highest road density ?

 The country which has the Highest Road density in world is  Japan (327 for every 100 km2 area).



Classify minerals on the basis of chemical and physical properties.

Classification of minerals on the basis of chemical and physical properties -:

 i. Metallic

ii. Non – metallic