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CBSE Class 12

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Sample Papers

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


Twenty-five year old Seema is a teacher who has recently got married. Give her four suggestions to cope with her new responsibilities at home.

Suggestions to cope with her new responsibilities at home.

  1. She should be open to new ideas of the family such as try to understand other’s point of view.
  2. She should learn to adjust her habits of sleeping, eating etc.
  3. She should accept others as they are.
  4. She should learn to manage household chores, time, money and energy.



What four points should be kept in mind while planning meal for nine months old infant?

Points to keep in mind:

  1. Food should be soft, easy to swallow.
  2. It should be easily digestible.
  3. It should be rich in minerals like protein, iron, calcium for the development of the infant.
  4. It should have less fat and spices.
  5. It should be nutritionally balanced.




Name two occupations you can choose after you are trained in the area of food and Nutrition.

Occupations in the area of food and Nutrition are-

  1.  Assistant chef
  2. Dietician / Nutritionist.
  3. You can start catering services or others foods services.



List two reasons of buying electrical items only from a reputed shop.

  1. The reputed shop provides genuine products with standardised mark items.
  2. The reputed shop provides original bill.
  3. We can file a complaint in case of any problem.


Mrs.Verma often gets into trouble with her neighbours because of her anger for which she is repentant later on.Suggest to her four ways by which she can control her anger.

  1. She should divert her attention by listening music, watching television or etc.
  2. She should do meditation.
  3. She should move away from the scene.
  4. She should try to understand the reasons and situations by which anger is created and in future try to avoid those reason.
  5. She should go to a counsellor for anger management.


What can be the two possible reasons for the higher cost of a dress in comparison to similar other dresses?

Two possible reasons for the higher cost of a dress are:

  1.  The fine material and hand embroidery are done on it.
  2. Workmanship is of good quality.



Give two examples of direct real income.

Two example of direct real income.

  1. Skills of family members like stitching own clothes by house member, ironing clothes at home.
  2. Use of community resources like public transport, public garden, etc.



In what two ways have the villagers benefitted from MGNREGA?

  1. MGNREGA Provide at least 100- 150 days of guaranteed wage employment in each financial year.
  2. MGNREGA Will get unemployment allowance if not employed in given time.
  3. MGNREGA build infrastructure for the village, provide toilets, roads, better water supply.


Convince pregnant women to include foods rich in zinc with two reasons in their daily meals.

Zinc in our body performs the following functions:

  1. Prevents miscarriage
  2. Prevents foetal deformation
  3. For growth of cells
  4. Good for immunity
  5. Helps to Increase weight of foetus



Your grandfather has come to stay with you for six months. Suggest four activities for him which can fulfil his recreational needs.

Four Activities for grandfather which can fulfil his recreational needs are:

  1. He can join the social community.
  2. He can join the yoga club.
  3. He can Play indoor games or outdoor.
  4. He can do gardening.