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CBSE Class 12

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


In which four ways did the new economic policy of China benefit its economy ?

Four ways: 

i. Break from economic stagnations

ii. Privatised the agriculture

iii. New trading laws and creation of special economic zones.

iv. High personal savings in the rural economy led to an exponential growth



Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions :

At the most simple level, globalization results in an erosion of state capacity, that is, the ability of government to do what they do. All over the world, the old ‘welfare state’ is now giving way to a more minimalist state that performs certain core functions such as the maintenance of law and order and the security of its citizens. However, it withdraws from many of its earlier welfare functions directed at economic and social well-being. In place of the welfare state, it is the market that becomes the prime determinant of economic and social priorities.

i. What do the words ‘erosion of state capacity’ imply ? Explain with the help of an example.

ii. Why is the concept of welfare state giving way to a minimalist state ?

iii. How has market become the prime determinant of social priorities ?

i. ‘Erosion of State Capacity’ means reduction in the capability or power of the government to fullfil or take up responsibilities, Now a days the governments of various countries are obliged to obey the international norms for preservation and conservation of environment.

ii. Due to privatization, most of the economic activities are conducted by the private sector. States have lesser role to facilitate the economic development by maintaining law and order and providing security to the citizens. As such welfare activities are getting reduced.

iii. Multi-National Companies have come into the field of economic growth. They are constantly in search of markets to sell their products. Markets have become the determinants of social priorities because with the onset of globalization, the entire country has turned into a single market. 



Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions :

When India conducted its first nuclear test, it was termed as peaceful explosion. India argued that it was committed to the policy of using nuclear power only for peaceful purposes. The period when the nuclear test was conducted was a difficult period in domestic politics. Following the Arab-Israel War of 1973, the entire world was affected by the Oil Shock due to the massive hike in the oil prices by the Arab nations. It led to economic turmoil in India resulting in high inflation.

i. When did India conduct its first nuclear test and why ?

ii. Why was the period, when the nuclear test was conducted in India, considered to be a difficult period in domestic politics ?

iii. Which international event of 1970s was responsible for high inflation in India ?

i. In May 1974. – To use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

ii. Prices were rising due to Arab – Israel war. There was a hike in oil prices, So, India was facing difficulties on the economic front.

iii. The Arab Israel war of 1973.



Mention any two major military features of the Cold War.

i. There were two rival blocs led by two superpowers of the world.

ii. There was huge stockpiling of arms by each 



Read the passage given below carefully and answer the following questions ;

Each of these countries was required to make a total shift to a capitalist economy, which meant rooting out completely any structures evolved during this period. Above all, it meant that private ownership was to be the dominant pattern of ownership of property. Privatization of state assets and corporate ownership patterns were to be immediately brought in. Collective farms were to be replaced by private farming and capitalism in agriculture. This transition ruled out any alternate or ‘third way’.

(i) Name any two countries which were required to make a total shift.

(ii) Why were the collective farms to be replaced by private farming ?

(iii) Since the ‘third way’ had been ruled out, what were the only two ways of controlling the economy ?

(i) Armenia (ii) Georgia

(ii) Due to the end of state controlled economy and introduction of privatization and liberalisation.

(iii) Two ways – (i) State controlled economy (socialism) (ii) Capitalism.



What is Amnesty International ? State its main functions.

It is an NGO that campaigns for the protection of Human Rights.


i. It prepares and publishes reports on human rights.

ii. It mainly focuses on the misconduct of the government authorities.

iii. It works for the protection of the human rights.



What are ‘global commons’ ? Why is it said that international cooperation over the global commons is not easy ?

Global commons are the resources which are not owned by any one country but rather owned by international community such as earth’s atmosphere, Antarctica, the ocean floor and the outer space.

The reasons:

i. It is difficult to achieve consensus on common environmental agenda. History of outer space as a global common shows that the management of these areas is influenced by North East inequalities.

ii. The benefits of exploitative activities in outer space are far from being equal either for the present or the future.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Which one of the following statements about the Berlin wall is false ?

  • It symbolized the division between the Capitalist ;and the Communist world.

  • It was built immediately after the Second World War.

  • It was broken by the people on 9th November, 1989.

  • It marked the unification of the two parts of Germany.


It was built immediately after the Second World War.


 Multiple Choice QuestionsMatch The Following


Match the following:

A. A politically controversial appointment (i) Charu Mjumdar
B.  Led the Railway strike in 1974 (ii) Jayaprakash Narayan
C. Declined to join Nehru’s Cabinet (iii) George Fernandes
D. Died in police custody (iv)  Justice A.N. Ray


A politically controversial appointment


 Justice A.N. Ray


 Led the Railway strike in 1974


George Fernandes


Declined to join Nehru’s Cabinet


Jayaprakash Narayan


Died in police custody


Charu Mjumdar


 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


Why was ASEAN established ?

ASEAN was established to accelerate the economic growth.