ICSE Class 12

Pre Boards

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Sample Papers

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Choose the correct alternative (a), (b), (c) or (d) for the question given below:

In the figure, a charge Q is fixed. another charge q s moved along a circular arc MN of radius r around it, from the point M to the point N such that the length of the arc MN = l. The work done in this process is:

  • zero

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  • fraction numerator Qq over denominator 2 πε subscript straight o straight r squared end fraction


A carbon resistor has coloured bands as shown in fig. 2 below. The resistance of the resistor is:

  • 26 straight capital omegaplus-or-minus 10%

  • 26 straight capital omegaplus-or-minus 5%

  • 260 straight capital omegaplus-or-minus 5%

  • 260 straight capital omegaplus-or-minus 10%


A solenoid L and a resistor R are connected in series to a battery, through a switch. When the switch is put on, current I flowing through it varies with time t as shown in which of the graphs given below:


Two thin lenses having optical powers of -10 D and +6 D are placed in contact with each other. The focal length of the combination is:

  • +0.25 cm

  • -0.25 cm

  • +0.25 cm

  • -0.25 m


Total energy of an electron in the ground state of hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV. Its total energy, when hydrogen atom is in the first excited state, is:

  • +13.6 eV

  • +3.4 eV

  • -3.4 eV

  • -54.4 eV

 Multiple Choice QuestionsShort Answer Type


A charged oil drop weighing 1.6 x 10-15 N is found to remain suspended in a uniform electric field intensity 2 x 103 NC-1. Find the charge on the drop?


For a metallic conductor, what is the relation between current density (J), conductivity (straight sigma) and electric field Intensity (E)?


In the figure given below, find the value of resistance X for which points A and B are at the same potential:


Write the expression for the Lorentz force F in vector form.


A coil has self-inductance of 0.05 Henry. Find the magnitude of the emf induced in it when the current flowing through it is changing at the rate of 100 A s-1.