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Which one of the following is a matching pair of a certain body feature and its value/count in a normal human adult?

  • Urea- 5 - 10 mg/100 ml of blood

  • Blood sugar (fasting) - 80 - 100 mg/100 ml

  • Total blood volume - 3 - 4 litres

  • ESR in Wintrobe method - 9 -15 mm in males and 20 - 34 mm in females


Which one of the following is a matching pair?

  • Lubb - sharp closure of AV valves at the beginning of ventricular systole

  • Dup - sudden opening of semilunar valves at the beginning of ventricular diastole

  • Pulsation of the radial artery - valves in the blood vessels

  • Initiation of the heart beat - Purkinje fibres


Which one of the following is a sesamoid bone?

  • Pelvis

  • Patella

  • Pterygoid

  • Pectoral girdle


Photorespiration in C3 plants starts from:

  • phosphoglycerate

  • phosphoglycolate

  • glycerate

  • glycine


A person passes much urine and drinks much water but his blood glucose level is normal. This condition may be the result of:

  • a reduction in insulin secretion from pancreas

  • a reduction in vasopressin secretion from posterior pituitary

  • a fall in the glucose concentration in urine

  • an increase in secretion of glucagon


An example of competitive inhibition of an enzyme is the inhibition of:

  • succinic dehydrogenase by malonic acid

  • cytochrome oxidase by cyanide

  • hexokinase by glucose-6-phosphate

  • carbonic anhydrase by carbon dioxide


Excessive stimulation of vagus nerve in humans may lead to:

  • hoarse voice

  • peptic ulcers

  • efficient digestion of proteins

  • irregular contractions of diaphragm


A person is wearing spectacles with concave lenses for correcting vision. While not using the glasses, the image of a distant object in his case will be formed

  • on the blind spot

  • behind the retina

  • in front of the retina

  • on the yellow spot


The source of somatostatin is same as that of

  • thyroxine and calcitonin

  • insulin and glucagon

  • somatotropin and prolactin

  • vasopresin and oxytocin


People recovering from long illness are often advised to include the alga Spirulina in their diet because it

  • makes the food easy to digest

  • is rich in proteins

  • has antibiotic properties

  • restores the intestinal microtlora