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Based on cellular mechanisms there are two major types of regeneration found in the animals. Which one of the following is the correct example of the type mentioned?

  • Morphallaxis - Regeneration of two transversely cut equal pieces of a Hydra into two small Hydras

  • Epimorphosis - Replacement of old and dead erythrocytes by the new ones

  • Morphallaxis - Healing up of a wound in the skin

  • Epimorphosis - Regeneration of crushed and filtered out pieces of a Planaria into as many new Planarians


Which one of the following four secretions is correctly matched with its source, target and nature of action?

  • Secretion Source Target Action
    Gastrin Stomach lining Oxyntic cells Production of HCl
  • Inhibin Sertoli cells Hypothalamus Inhibition of secretion of gonadotropin releasing hormone
  • Enterokinase Duodenum Gall bladder Release of bile juice
  • Atrial Natiuretic Factor (ANF) Sinu atrial node (SAN) M- cells of Atria Juxta- glomerular apparatus (JGA) Inhibition of release of renin


Which one of the following four glands is correctly matched with the accompanying description ?

  • Thyroid - hyperactivity in young children causes cretinism

  • Thymus - starts undergoing atrophy after puberty

  • Parathyroid - secretes parathormone which promotes movement of calcium ions from blood into bones during calcification

  • Pancreas - Delta cells of the Islets of Langerhans secrete a hormone which stimulates glycolysis in liver


Formation of non-functional methaemoglobin causes blue-baby syndrome. This is due to

  • excess of arsenic concentration in drinking water

  • excess of nitrates in drinking water

  • deficiency of iron in food

  • increased methane content in the atmosphere


Two of the body parts which do not appear in MRI may be

  • molar teeth and eye lens

  • scapula and canines

  • ligaments and ribs

  • tendons and premolars


Which one of the following statements is correct with respect to salt water balance inside the body of living organisms?

  • when water is not available camels do not produce urine but store urea in tissues.

  • Salmon fish excretes lot of stored salt through gill membrane when in fresh water

  • Paramecium discharges concentrated salt solution by contractile vacuoles

  • The body fluids of fresh water animals are generally hypotonic to surrounding water


The family containing mustard and its main characters are

  • Brassicaceae - Tetramerous flowers, six stamens, bicarpellary gynoecium, siliqua type fruit

  • Brassicaceae - Pentamerous flowers, many stamens, pentacarpellary gynoecium, capsule type fruit

  • Solanaceae - Pentamerous flowers, five stamens, bicarpellary gynoecium, berry type fruit

  • Poaceae - Trimerous flowers, three stamens, monocarpellary gynoecium, caryopsis type of fruit.


Which one of the following statements pertaining to plant structure is correct?

  • Cork lacks stomata, but lenticels carry out transpiration.

  • Passage cells help in transfer of food from cortex to phloem

  • Sieve tube elements possess cytoplasm but no nuclei.

  • The shoot apical meristem has a quiescent centre


When synapsis is complete all along the chromosome, the cell is said to have entered a stage called

  • zygotene

  • pachytene

  • diplotene

  • diakinesis


Many cells function properly and divide mitotically even though they do not have

  • plasma membrane

  • cytoskeleton

  • mitochondria

  • plastids