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You are required to draw blood from a patient and to keep it in a test tube for analysis of blood corpuscles and plasma. You are also provided with the following four types of test tubes. Which of these will you not use for the purpose

  • Test tube containing calcium bicarbonate

  • Chilled test tube

  • Test tube containing heparin

  • Test tube containing sodium hydroxide


Cattle fed with spoilt hay of sweet clover which contains dicumarol

  • are healthier due to a good diet

  • catch infections easily

  • may suffer vitamin K deficiency and prolonged bleeding

  • may suffer from beri-beri due to deficiency of vitamin B1


Which one of the following methods is commonly used to maintain the genetic traits of a given plant

  • By propagating through seed germination

  • By propagating through vegetative multiplication

  • By generating hybrids through intergeneric pollination

  • By treating the seeds with gamma radiations


Phytohormones are

  • hormones regulating growth from seed to adulthood

  • growth regulators synthesised by plants and influencing physiological process

  • hormones regulating flowering

  • hormones regulating secondary growth.


One common example of simple reflex is

  • tying your shoe laces while talking to another person and not looking at them

  • watering of mouth at the sight of a favourite food

  • climbing up a stairs in dark without stumbling

  • closing of eyes when strong light is flashed across them.


Select one of the following pairs of important features distinguishing Gnetum from Cycas and Pinus and showing affinities with angiosperms.

  • Perianth and two integuments

  • Embryo development and apical meristem

  • Absence of resin duct and leaf venation

  • Presence of vessel elements and absence of archegonia


Injury to vagus nerve in humans is not likely to affect

  • tongue movements

  • gastrointestinal movements

  • pancreatic secretion

  • cardiac movements.


Which one of the following is a matching pair

  • Lubb - Sharp closure of AV valves at the beginning of ventricular systole

  • Dup - Sudden opening of semilunar valves at the beginning of ventricular diastole

  • Pulsation of the radial artery - Valves in the blood vessels

  • Initiation of the heart beat - Purkinje fibres


A patient of diabetes mellitus excretes glucose in urine even when he is kept in a carbohydrate free diet. It is because

  • fats are catabolised in adipose tissues to form glucose

  • amino acids are catabolised in kidney to form glucose

  • amino acids are discharged in blood stream from liver

  • glycogen from muscles is released in blood stream.


During the life-cycle, Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) infects its intermediate host and primary host at the following larval stages respectively

  • redia and miracidium

  • cercaria and redia

  • metacercaria and cercaria

  • miracidium and metacercaria.