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Monarch butterfly escapes from predators by

  • foul smell

  • bitter taste

  • colour combination

  • rough skin


bitter taste

Monarch butterfly escapes from predators because of its bitter taste. Viceroy butterfly (Basilarchia archippus) mimics monarch butterfly to escape from predators.


What is the characteristic of tapetum

  • It does not store food.

  • It is multi-nucleated.

  • It is multi-layered structure.

  • It nourishes the megaspore


In vehicles, catalytic converters are used

  • to increase mileage of vehicles

  • to convert CO2 into carbonates

  • to increase the efficiency of lead mixed petrol

  • to convert CO to CO2


Which of the following is best method of germplasm conservation

  • Herbarium

  • Botanical garden

  • Seed bank

  • Zoological park


Which one of the following options is a correct match of phenomenon and its explanation

  • Reverse Transcription PCR - Many copies of a DNA sequence.

  • Central dogma - RNA > DNA > Protein > RNA.

  • RNA silencing - Use of ds-RNA to stop the expression of ss-RNA.

  • Transcription- Process of formation of RNA & proteins.


Which of the following is correct

  • Henking discovered the small Y-chromosome.

  • Drosophila also shows XX-XY sex determination like human.

  • Birds have ZZ-ZW sex determination, where females are ZZ & males are ZW.

  • Grasshoppers show XX-XY sex determination


Which of the following statements is correct

  • Monkey, apes and humans exhibit estrous cycle.

  • Urine is pale yellow and slightly alkaline.

  • Lots of enzymes are present in bile juice.

  • Ovulation in humans is spontaneous.


Which of the following evidences does not favour the Lamarckian concept of inheritance of acquired characters

  • Absence of limbs in snakes

  • Melanization in peppered moth

  • Presence of webbed toes in aquatic birds

  • Lack of pigment in cave-dwelling animals


Assertion: Amount of organic biodegradable compounds present in water is measured by the BOD of that water.

Reason: During biodegradation of biodegradable organic compounds, oxygen is released by bacteria

  • If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion

  • If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion

  • If assertion is true but reason is false

  • If both assertion and reason are false.


In assisted reproductive technology where gametes have been fertilized in vitro, which of the following is practicable for embryo transplantation in Fallopian tube

  • Only embryo up to 8 blastomeres if zygote is not transplanted.

  • Only zygote is transplanted not embryo

  • Either embryo or zygote with 8 blastomere phase transplanted

  • Morulla with 8-24 celled stage is transplanted in Fallopian tube.