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Match the following columns

Column I Column II
A. Zoophily 1. Pollination by birds
B. Ornithophily 2. Pollination by insects
C. Entomophily 3. Pollination by bats
D. Chiropterophily 4. Pollination by animals

  • A - 4; B - 1; C - 2; D - 3

  • A - 1; B - 2; C - 3; D - 4

  • A - 3; B - 2; C - 1; D - 4

  • A - 4; B - 2; C - 1; D - 3


A - 4; B - 1; C - 2; D - 3

Column I Column II
A. Zoophily 4. Pollination by animals
B. Ornithophily 1. Pollination by birds
C. Entomophily 2. Pollination by insects
D. Chiropterophily 3. Pollination by bats


Flavr savr variety of tomato is a

  • mutated form

  • somaclonal variety

  • transgenic crop

  • high yielding variety


transgenic crop

Flavr savr variety of tomato is a transgenic crop. It is genetically engineered tomatoes, which express delayed softening by insertion of an additional copy of PG encoding gene. PG is polygal-acturonase enzyme, which is responsible for the break down of cell wall pectin.


Mendel enunciated

  • two principles of inheritance

  • four principles of inheritance

  • five principles of inheritance

  • three principles of inheritance


five principles of inheritance

Mendel enunciated three major principles of inheritance, i.e., law of dominance, law of segregation and law of independent assortment.


What is not true about alleles?

  • Round and wrinkled form of genes are alleles of each other

  • Only recessive alleles expreses in hybrid

  • Alleles occupy same loci on homologous chromosomes

  • Two or more alternative forms of gene are called alleles are allelomorphs


Only recessive alleles expreses in hybrid

The two alternative form of a gene are called alleles, e.g., the allele for tallness is T and that of dwarfness is t and dominant allele is expressed in hybrid.


In Mendelian monohybrid cross, phenotypic ratio in F2 is 3 :1. How many types of gametes are formed in F1 -generation?

  • Two types

  • Four types

  • Eight types

  • Only one types


Two types

Parents-                       RR        x            rr

Gametes-                      R         x            r

F1 generation-                          Rr

F2 generation-                

  R r
r Rr rr


Red : White = 3 : 1


Which of the following codons does not select any amino acid?

  • UAG

  • UAA

  • UGA

  • All of these


All of these

Some of the codon like UAA, UAG, UGA cannot select any amino acid and are called chain termination codons or non-sense codons.


The scutellum observed in a grain of wheat or maize is comparable to which part of the seed in other monocotyledons?

  • Endosperm

  • Cotyledon

  • Plumule

  • Aleurone layer


Aleurone layer

Scutellum is the tissue in a grass or wheat or maize seed that lies between the embryo and the endosperm. It is the modified cotyledon being specialised for the digestion and absorption of the endosperm.


If the decomposers become extinct, the most severally affected would be

  • biomagnification

  • damage to nitrogen fixation

  • non-cycling of minerals

  • carnivores will be starved


non-cycling of minerals

Decomposers are heterotrophic organisms, mostly bacteria and fungi, which live on dead organic matter or detritus. They release different enzymes from their bodies into the dead and decaying plant and animal remains, lead to the release of simple inorganic substances thus, play an important role in the cycling of minerals.


Ratio between mortality and natality is called

  • population ratio

  • vital index

  • census ratio

  • density coefficient


vital index

Vital index represents the percentage ratio between natality (birth rate) and mortality (death rate). It can be calculated by the following formula

Vital index = Natality Mortality×100


Which of the following is false?

  • The energy content in a trophic level is determined by considering individuals of a species in that trophic level

  • The succession that occur in newly cooled lava is called primary success

  • Rate of succession is faster in secondary succession

  • Quantity of biomass in a trophic level at a particular period is called as stop-(standing) crop


The energy content in a trophic level is determined by considering individuals of a species in that trophic level

The energy level in a trophic level is not determined by considering individuals of a species in that trophic level.