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Diphtheria is caused by

  • Poison released by living bacterial cell into the host

  • Poison released from the dead bacterial cell into the host

  • Poison released by the virus into the host

  • Excessive immune response by the body of the host


Poison released by living bacterial cell into the host

Diphtheria is caused by poison released by living bacterial cell of Corynebacterium diphtheriae into the host body


Consider these sentences regarding to the structure and nature of DNA.

(I) DNA has tow pyrimidine bases which contain single ring structure.

(II) In DNA, the composition of bases should be A +TG +C = 1

(III) Each base pair of DNA is 3.4Å apart from the base pair.

(IV) The nucleosome model DNA packaging was proposed by Kornberg and Thomas.

  • I and III

  • I, II and III

  • II, III and IV

  • I, III and IV


I, III and IV

Erwin Chargaff (1950) made quantitative analysis of DNA and showed that the composition of DNA molecules varies in complex ways depending upon the source of DNA. He proposed Base Equivalence rule or Chargaff's rule, which states that for double-stranded DNA, the proportion of adenine always equals to that of thymine and proportion of guanine always equals to that of cytosine.
i.e. A=T and G=C.

It follows that, an equal proportion of purines and pyrimidines is always seen in a double-stranded DNA

A + G = T + C or A +GT + C = 1


The fact that DNA is a genetic material was established by the experiment of

  • Meselson and Stahl

  • Hershey and Chase

  • Avery, Macleod and McCarty

  • Rosalind Franklin and Kornberg


Hershey and Chase

The experiment of Hershey and Chase by bacteriophage first time proved that DNA is a genetic material.


Match the following Columns

Column I (Pollination Technique) Column II (Pollinator)
A. Cheiropterophily 1. Ant
B. Anemophily 2. Bat
C. Myrmecophily 3. Snail
D. Malaciphily 4. Wind


  • A – 3; B – 2; C – 1; D – 4

  • A – 2; B – 4; C – 1; D – 3

  •  A – 4; B – 3; C – 2; D – 1

  • A – 1; B – 3; C – 2; D – 4


A – 2; B – 4; C – 1; D – 3

Pollination Techniques Pollinator
Chiropterophily Bat
Anemophily wind
Myrmecophily Ant
Malacophily Snail


Which one of the following microbes is the source for vitamin-C?

  • Pseudomonas sp.

  • Acetobacter sp.

  • Aspergillus sp.

  • Chlorella


Acetobacter sp.

Acetobacter sp. is a source of Vitamin-C.


Pappus helps in the dispersal of pollen in

  • Asteraceae

  • Brassicaceae

  • Malvaceae

  • Solanaceae



Pappus are modified bracts of Asteraceae family.These hairy structures help in dispersal of pollen by


The term ‘prebiotic’ soup’ for organic water containing mixture of simple organic compounds was given by

  • Richter

  • Haldane

  • Arrhenius

  • Miller



The term 'prebiotic soup' is used by Haldane for organic water containing a mixture of simple organic compounds during the early stage of origin of life.


Which one of the following options is not a sexually transmitted disease?

  • AIDS

  • Hepatitis-B

  • Pertussis

  • Syphilis



Pertussis (a whooping cough) is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), while other diseases are transmitted by sexual relationships.


In case of pregnancy, the heartbeat of embryo starts at

  • 4th week

  • 7th week

  •  6th week

  •  5th week


 5th week

On the 5th week of pregnancy a large tube (premitive heart) starts to beat and pump blood in embryo.


Number of Barr body which will found in case of Turner’s syndrome will be

  • 1

  • 2

  • 0

  • Can't be determined by given data



The number of barr body in human = one less than the number of x Chromosome. In case of Turner syndrome 45(44+ X) chromosomes are found. So number of Barr bodies will be-zero.