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Herbicide that blocks electrons transport from PS-II to PS-I by inhibiting electron flow between plastoquinone → Cytochrome is

  • DCMU

  • Paraquat


  • None of these


Statement I Microtubules are formed only in animal cells. 

Statement II Microtubules are made up of a protein called myosin.

Choose the correct option

  • Statement I is correct and statement II is incorrect.

  • Statement II is correct and statement I is incorrect.

  • Both statement are correct

  • Both statements are incorrect


Some functions of the nutrient element are given below

  1. Important constituent of proteins involved in ETS.
  2. Activator of catalase.
  3. Important constituent of cytochrome
  4. Essential for chlorophyll synthesis

The concerned nutrient is

  • Cu

  • Fe

  • Ca

  • Mo


Torsion of visceral mass is seen in animals belonging to the class

  • Cephalopoda

  • Scaphopoda

  • Amphineura

  • Gastropoda


A plant is provided with the ideal conditions for photosynthesis and supplied with isotope 14 CO2. When the products of the process are analysed carefully, what would be the nature of products?

  • Glucose and oxygen are labelled

  • Oxygen is labelled, but glucose is normal

  • Glucose and oxygen are normal 

  • Glucose is labelled, but oxygen is normal


Match the following columns.

Column I Column II
A Sacral nerves 1. 1 Pair
B Thoraic nerves 2. 8 Pair
C Cocygeal nerves 3. 7 Pairs
D Cervical nerves 4. 12 Pairs
    5. 5 Pairs

  • A B C D
    4 1 3 2
  • A B C D
    5 3 1 2
  • A B C D
    5 4 1 1
  • A B C D
    2 5 3 1


Pick the hormone which is not secreted by human placenta.

  • hCG

  • hPL

  • Prolactin

  • Oestrogen



Fixation of one CO2 molecule through the Calvin cycle requires.

  • 1 ATP and 2NADPH2

  • 2 ATP and 2NADPH2

  • 3 ATP and 2NADH2

  • 2 ATP and 1 NADPH2


3 ATP and 2NADH2

2 ATP is required during conversion of PGA to 1,3 diphosphoglyceric acid and 1 ATP during conversion of glyceraldehyde phosphate to ribulose biphosphate. 2NADPH2 molecules are utilised for converting 1,3 diphosphoglyceric acid to glyceraldehyde phosphate.


Oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin is 

  • sigmoid

  • hyperbolic

  • linear

  • hypobolic


A hormone, secreted by the endocrinal cells of duodenal mucosa which influences the releases of pancreatic juice is

  • relaxin

  • cholecystokinin

  • Secretin

  • Progesterone