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Cotyledons and testa are edible parts of

  • groundnut and pomegranate

  • walnut and tamarind

  • french bean and coconut

  • cashew nut and litchi


groundnut and pomegranate

Cotyledons and testa are edible parts of groundnut and pomegranate respectively. The edible part of walnut is cotyledon, tamarind-mesocarp, french beans-seeds, coconut-endosperm testa, cotyledons and embryo, cashew nut-cotyledons and fleshy pedicles and of litchi is fleshy aril.


Intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of blood clotting the interlinked at the activation steps of which of the following factors?

  • Factor IX

  • Factor IV

  • Factor X

  • Factor XIII-a


Match the storage products listed under column I with the organism given under column II, choose the appropriate option from the given options

Column I Column II
A Glycogen 1 Sargassum
B Pyrenoids 2 Nostoc
C Laminarin and mannitol 3 Polysiphonia
D Floridean starch 4 Spirogyra
    5 Agaricus

  • A B C D
    3 4 1 5
  • A B C D
    4 3 5 2
  • A B C D
    5 4 1 3
  • A B C D
    2 1 4 3


The globular head of myosin contains

  • Calcium ions in large quantities

  • Troponin

  • ATPase enzyme

  • ATP


Dense regular connective tissue is present in

  • ligament and tendons

  • Joint capsule and Wharton's jelly

  • Periosteum and endosteum

  • Pericardium and heart valves


The first stable product of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in the leguminous plant is 

  • NO2-

  • ammonia

  • NO3-

  • glutamate


Which one of the following generally acts as an antagonist to gibberellins?

  • Zeatin

  • Ethylene

  • ABA

  • IAA


The ornithine cycle removes two waste products from the blood in the liver. These products are

  • CO2 and urea

  • ammonia and urea

  • CO2 and ammonia

  • ammonia and uric acid


Macromolecule chitin is

  • Nitrogen-containing polysaccharide

  • Phosphorous containing polysaccharide

  • Sulphur containing polysaccharide

  • Simple polysacchaaride


Which of the following statement is correct in relation to the endocrine system?

  • Adenohypophysis is under direct neural regulation fo the hypothalamus

  • Organs in the body like a gastro-intestinal tract, heart, kidney and liver do not produce any hormone.

  • Non-nutrient chemicals produced by the body in trace amount that act as inter-cellular messanger are known as hormones.

  • Releasing and inhibitory hormones are produced by the pituitary gland