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Identify the incorrect statement about ABA growth regulator

  • It increases the tolerance of plants against different stresses.

  • It acts as general plant growth inhibitor and inhibitor of metabolism.

  • It helps in seed maturation and dormancy.

  • It promotes morphogenesis and differentiation of shoots.


Select the mismatched pair out of the following

  • Rhizome - Dryopteris, Nelumbo nucifera

  • Corm - Crocus sativus, Amorphophallus

  • Sucker -Curcuma domestica, Zingiber officinale

  • Tuber -Helianthus tuberosus, Solanum tuberosum


Some salient features and phyla of organisms are given below. Select the option which shows correct combination of organism, its phylum and salient features.


An example of stretch reflex triggered by passive muscle movement is the

  • tendon reflex

  • ipsilateral reflex

  • flexor reflex

  • patellar reflex


The figure shows different human tissues labelled as A to D. Which option gives the correct identification of the label, its location and one feature.

  • D-Unicellular glandular epithelium, goblet cells, secrete saliva

  • B-Squamous epithelium, walls of blood vessels, form a diffusion boundary

  • A-Cuboidal epithelium, ducts of glands, secretion and absorption

  • C-Columnar epithelium, lining of stomach, secretion and absorption


Identify the accurate explanation of mesosome. It is

  • a specialised structure of prokaryotic cell formed by extension of plasma membrane into the cytoplasm

  • the middle layer of the prokaryotic cell wall

  • the organelle of eukaryotic cell which helps in lipid synthesis

  • the middle layer of eukaryotic cell wall.


Select one of the following pairs of important features distinguishing Gnetum from Cycas and Pinus and showing affinities with angiosperms

  • Perianth and no integuments

  • Embryo development and apical meristem

  • Absence of resin duct and leaf venation

  • Presence of vessel elements and absence of archegonia


Select the option that contains all plants which produce non-endospermic seeds.

  • Gram, Pea, Bean, Groundnut

  • Castor, Peanut, Orchid, Wheat

  • Coconut, Walnut, Wheat, Gram

  • Castor, Maize, Coconut, Orchid


Select the option that correctly matches characteristic features with the group of three animals.

  • Skeleton ofspicules ­- Sycon, Adamsia, Spongilla

  • Excretion by flame cells - Taenia, Fasciola, Ancylostoma

  • Mouth contains radula - Dentalium, Octopus, Ophiura

  • Jointed appendages ­- Limulus, Apis, Laccifer


Gerdy fibres are

  • ligament of neck 

  • ligament of ankles

  • ligament of palm

  • ligament of face