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The ciliated epithelial cells are required to move particles or mucus in a specific direction. In humans, these cells are mainly present in

  • Fallopian tubes and Pancreatic duct

  • Eustachian tube and Salivary duct

  • Bronchioles and Fallopian tubes

  • Bile duct and Brochioles


Which of the following factors is responsible for the formation of concentrated urine?

  • maintaining hyperosmolarity towards inner medullary interstitium in the kidneys.

  • Secretion of erythropoietin by Juxtaglomeular complex.

  • Hydrostatic pressure during glomerular filtration

  • low levels of antidiuretic hormone


Grass leaves curl inwards during very dry weather. Select the most appropriate reason from the following

  • flaccidity of buliform cells

  • shrinkage of air spaces in spongy mesophyll

  • tyloses in vessels

  • closure of stomata


Concanavalin A is

  • an essential oil

  • a lectin

  • a pigment

  • an alkaloid


Match the following organisms with their respective characteristics :

A. Pila i. Flame cells
B. Bombyx ii. Comb plates
C. Pleurobrachia iii. Radula
D. Taenia iv. Malpighian tubules

Select the correct option from the following:

  • A - iii; B - iv; C - ii; D - i

  • A - ii; B - iv; C - iii; D - i

  • A - iii; B - ii; C - iv; D - i

  • A - iii; B - ii; C - i; D - iv


What is the site of perception of photoperiod necessary for induction of flowering in plants?

  • Pulvinus

  • Shoot apex

  • Leaves

  • Lateral buds


Tidal Volume and Expiratory Reserve Volume of an athlete is 500 mL and 1000 mL, respectively. What will be his Expiratory Capacity if the Residual Volume is 1200 mL?

  • 1700 mL

  • 2200 mL

  • 2700 mL

  • 1500 mL


Thiobacillus is a group of bacteria helpful in carrying out

  • Chemoautotrophic fixation

  • Nitrification

  • Denitrification

  • Nitrogen fixation


Identify the cells whose secretion protects the lining of gastro-intestinal tract from various enzymes.

  • Goblet cells

  • Oxyntic cells

  • Duodenal cells

  • Chief cells


Which of the following statements is not correct?

  • The hydrolytic enzymes of lysosomes are active under acidic pH

  • Lysosomes are membrane bound structures

  • Lysosomes are formed by the process of packaging in the endoplasmic reticulum

  • Lysosomes have numerous hydrolytic enzymes