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Temperature of a gas is t K. What would be the temperature at which volume and pressure, both will reduced to half of the initial values?

  • t2

  • t4

  • t3

  • t8


What will be the number of waves formed by a Bohr electron in one complete revolution in its second orbit?

  • Three

  • Two

  • One

  • Zero


At 27°C, one mole of an ideal gas is compressed isothermally and reversibly from a pressure of 2 atm to 10 atm. Choose the correct option from the following

  • Change in internal energy is positive

  • Heat is negative

  • Work done is - 965.84 cal

  • All are incorrect


Choose the incorrect statement about noble gas?

  • Boiling point increases with increasing atomic mass

  • Helium has least tendency to form compound

  • Noble gases have some value of electron affinity

  • Xenon has maximum number of compounds


Aqueous solution of AlCl3 is acidic towards litmus while of NaCl is not. The correct reason behind this is

  • AlCl3, furnishes OH- ion in the solution

  • AlCl3, furnishes H+ ion in the solution

  • AlCl3, furnishes both H+ well as OH- ion in the solution

  • AlCl3, is the salt of strong base and strong acid


The melting point of solid substances is directly proportional to pressure acting on them. However, ice-melts at a temperature lower than its usual melting point, when the pressure increases. This is because

  • ice is not a true solid

  • the bonds break under pressure

  • ice is less denser than water

  • pressure generates heat


Work is being performed, when a weight lifter lifts a base ball off a weight rack. This is due to

  • magnetic attraction

  • gravity

  • electrostatic repulsion

  • mechanical force


Beryllium differs in properties from other elements of its own group but shows resemblance with aluminium because of

  • relatively bigger ionic radius and high polarising power of Be

  • relatively smaller ionic radius and high polarising power of Be

  • relatively bigger ionic radius is the only reason behind this

  • None of the above


Choose the correct statement from the following

  • NH4+ and CH4 are not isoelectronic species

  • BF3 does not have dipole moment

  • O - Cl - O obeys octet rule

  • O- in O3 is Sp3-hybridised


Which of the following pair of compounds will have three sp2 -hybrid orbitals?

  • SO2, CH4

  • SO3, C2H4

  • BF3, SF3

  • I3-, SF4