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A car of mass 1000 kg moves on a circular track of radius 20 m. If the coefficient of friction of 0.64. The maximum velocity with which the car can be moved is

  • 11.2m/s

  • 112m/s

  • 0.64×201000×100m/s

  • 100064×20m/s


The angle through which a cyclist bends when he covers a circular path of 34.3 m circumference in 22 sec is (g=9.8 m/s)

  • 150

  • 300

  • 600

  • 450


The radius of earth is 6400 km and g = 10 m/s2. In order that a body of 5 kg weight is zero at the equator, the angular speed is

  • 1800rad/sec

  • 11600rad/sec

  • 1400rad/sec

  • 180rad/sec


The escape velocity for the earth is 11.2 km/sec. The mass of another planet 100 times mass of earth and its radius is 4 times radius of the earth. The escape velocity for the planet is

  • 56.0 km/sec

  • 280 km/sec

  •  112 km/sec

  •  56 km/sec


A wheel rotates with constant acceleration of 2.0 radian/sec2 .If the wheel starts from rest the number of revolution it makes in the first ten second, will be approximately

  • 32

  • 24

  • 16

  • 8


The moment of inertia of a body about a given axis 1.2 kgm2Initially the body is at rest. In order to produce a rotational kinetic energy of 1500 J and angular acceleration of 25 rad/s2 must be applied about the axis for a duration of

  • 10s

  • 8s

  • 2s

  • 4s


Dimension of relative density is

  • kgm-3

  • ML-3

  • dimensionless

  • M2L-6


A ball is thrown from height 'h' and another from '2h'. The ratio of time taken by the two balls to reach ground is

  • 1:2

  • 2:1

  • 2:1

  • 1:2


A ball is thrown upwards, it takes 4sec to reach back to the ground. Find its initial velocity

  • 30ms-1

  • 10ms-1

  • 40ms-1

  • 20ms-1


A man is at height of 100 m. he sees a car which makes an angle of π6 with man's position. If the car moves to a point where angle is π3 what is the distance moved by it? 

  • 1003m

  • 2003m

  • 2003m

  • 1503m