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Two spherical shells one which is placed in air has constant charge Q; and the other which is placed in a medium of dielectric constant K has a charge Q;­ The ratio of forces between the shell is:

  • K : 1

  • 1 : K

  • K2 : 1

  • 1 : K2


A block of mass 1 kg is placed on the wall under a force F. If coefficient of friction (μ) is 0.5, then minimum value of force applied is :

  • 9.8 N

  • 49 N

  • 19.6 N

  • 1.96 N


Mass of a planet is 10 times that of earth and radius is 2 times that of earth. If at the earth, the escape velocity of a satellite is Ves(e), then escape. velocity at the planet is :

  • 5ves(e)

  • 5ves(e)

  • 25 ves(e)

  • 10 ves(e)


A car and a container, moving with equal kinetic energies are stopped by applying a negative acceleration. Then

  • container will move less distance before being stopped

  • both will become stationary after moving some distance

  • car will move less distance before being stopped

  • none of the above


The mass of a solid sphere is 2 kg and radius is 10 cm. Sphere, tied to one end of 1 m long string, is rotated at a rate of 10 rad/sec. The rotational kinetic energy of sphere is :

  • 121.4 J

  • 18.5 J

  • 15.2 J

  • 22.0 J


A rocket is accelerated with speed v= 2gRe, near earth surface and then it moves upward. At far distance from the earth surface, the speed of the rocket will

  • gRe/2

  • gRe

  • (2-2)gRe

  • 2gRe


In the rotational motion, different particles of the body have :

  • both linear and angular velocities equal

  • linear velocities equal but different angular velocities

  • angular velocities equal but different linear velocities

  • both linear and angular velocity different


A car covers 2/5 of a certain distance with speed v1 and rest 3/5 part with velocity v2. The average speed of the car is :

  • 12v1v2

  • 5v1v23v1+2v2

  • 2v1v2v1+v2

  • v1+v22


The momentum of two masses m1 and m2 are same. The ratio of their kinetic energies E1 and E2 is

  • m1 : m2

  • m1 : m2

  • m2 : m1

  • m12 : m22 


A car is moving with speed 30 m/s on a circular path of radius 500 m. If its speed is increasing at a rate of 5m/s2, then resultant acceleration at that instant is

  • 6.83 m/s2

  • 8 m/s2

  • 5.31 m/s2

  • 4 m/s2