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Whenever a stream of electrons collides with a stream of photons, in this collision, which of the following is not conserved?

  • Linear momentum

  • Total energy

  • No. of photons

  • No. of electrons


Two projectiles of same mass have their maximum kinetic energies in ratio 4:1 and ratio of their maximum height is also 4:1 then what is the ratio of their ranges?

  • 2 : 1

  • 4 : 1

  • 8 : 1

  • 16 : 1


What is moment of inertia of a cylinder of radius r, along its height?

  • mr2

  • mr2/2

  • 2 mr2/5

  • mr2/5


The position of a particle moving in the x-y plane at any time t is given by; x = ( 3t3 - 6t ) meters;  y = ( t2 - 2t) meters. Select the correct statement.

  • acceleration  is  zero  at  t = 0

  • velocity  is  zero  at  t = 0

  • velocity  is  zero  at  t = 1s

  • velocity  and  acceleration of the particle are never zero


A block of mass  m  is pulled along a horizontal surface by applying a force at an angle θ with the horizontal. If the block travels with a uniform velocity and has a displacement  d  and the coefficient of friction is  μ  then the work done by the applied force is

  • μ mg dcosθ + μ sinθ

  • μ mg d cosθcosθ + μ sinθ

  • μ mg d sinθcosθ + μ sinθ

  • μ mg d cosθcosθ - μ sinθ


In figure, a particle having mass m = 5 g and large  q'= 2 x 10-9  starts from rest at point  𝑎 and moves in a straight line to point b. What is its speed  v at point  b?


  • 2.65 cms-1

  • 3.65 cms-1

  • 4.65 cms-1

  • 5.65 cms-1


Four holes of radius Rare cut from a thin square plate of side 4R and mass M. The moment of inertia of the remaining portion about z-axis is


  • π12 MR2

  • 43 - π4 MR2

  • 43 - π6 MR2

  • 83 - 10π16 MR2


A block of mass  10 kg  is moving in x-direction with a constant speed of 10 m/s. It is subjected to a retarding force F = 0·1 x joule /metre during its travel from  x= 20 m  to  x = 30 m. Its final KE will be

  • 475 J

  • 450 J

  • 275 J

  • 250 J


Which of the following pairs does not have same dimensions ?

  • impulse and momentum

  • moment of inertia and moment of force

  • angular momentum and Planck's constant

  • work and torque


Assertion: Two balls of different masses are thrown vertically upward with same speed. They will pass through their point of projection in the downward direction with the same speed. 

Reason: The maximum height and downward velocity attained at the point of projection are independent of the mass of the ball.

  • If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

  • If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

  • If assertion is true but reason is false.

  • If both assertion is true but reason is false.