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If a body travels half the distance with velocity v1 and the next half with velocity v2,its average velocity will be given by

  • v = v1v2

  • v = v1 + v12

  • v = v1v2

  • 2v = 1v1 + 1v2


The ratio of the numerical value of the average velocity and average speed of body is always

  • unity

  • unity or less

  • unity or more

  • less than unity


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If a ball is projected with velocity v0 at an angle of elevation 30°, then

  • gravitational potential energy will, be minimum at the highest point of the trajectory

  • kinetic energy will be zero at the highest point of the trajectory

  • vertical component of momentum will be conserved

  • horizontal component of momentum will be conserved


A spring scale is adjusted to read zero. Particles of mass 1 g fall on the pan of the scale and collide elastically and they rebound upward with the same speed. If the height of fall of particles is 2 m and their rate of collision is 100 particles per second, then the scale reading in grams will be (g =9.8 m/s)?

  • 1000 g

  • 1100 g

  • 1200 g

  • 1252 g


A smooth sphere of mass m moving with velocity u directly collides elastically with another sphere of mass M at rest. After collision their final velocities are V and v respectively. The value of v is

  • 2u Mm

  • 2u mM

  • 2 u1 + mM

  • 2 u1 + Mm


A block of mass 2 kg is kept on the floor. The coefficient of static friction is 0.4. If a force F of 2.5 N is applied on the block as shown in the figure, the frictional force between the block and the floor will be

  • 2.5 N

  • 5 N

  • 7.84 N

  • 10 N


The moments of inertia of two freely rotating bodies A and B are IA and IB respectively IA > IB and their angular momenta are equal. If KA and KB are their kinetic energies then

  • KA = KB

  • KA > KB

  • KA < KB

  • KA = 2 KB


A wheel of car is revolving at the rate of 1200 cycle/min. On pressing the accelerator, after 10s, it does 4500 cycle/min then radial acceleration of the wheel is

  • 30 rad/s2

  • 1880 degree/s2

  • 40 rad/s2

  • 1980 degree/s2


If the height of a satellite from the earth is negligible in comparison to the radius of the earth R, the orbital velocity of the satellite is

  • gR

  • gR2

  • gR

  • gR


A satellite is revolving round the earth in an elliptical orbit. Its speed

  • will be same at all points of the orbit

  • will be maximum when it is at maximum distance from earth

  • will be maximum when its distance from the earth will be minimum

  • goes on increasing or decreasing continuous depending upon the mass of the satellite