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A box of mass 2 kg is placed on the roof of a car. The box would remain stationary until the car attains a maximum acceleration. Coefficient of static friction between the box and the roof of the car is 0.2 and g = 10 ms-2. This maximum acceleration of the car, for the box to remain stationary, is

  • 8 ms-2

  • 6 ms-2

  • 4 ms-2

  • 2 ms-2



The dimension of angular momentum is

  • [M0L1T-1]

  • [M1L2T-2]

  • [M1L2T1]

  • [M2L1T-2]



Dimension-of angular momentum

            L = r × p

              = [L] [MLT-1]

              = [ML2T-1]


f A = B + C have scalar magnitudes of 5, 4, 3 units respectively, then the angle between A and C is

  • cos-1 (3/5)

  • cos-1 (4/5)

  • π/2

  • sin-1 (3/4)


A particle is travelling along a straight line OX. The distance x (in metre) of the particle from O at a time t is given by x = 37 + 27t − t3, where t is time in seconds. The distance of the particle from O when it comes to rest is

  • 81 m

  • 91 m

  • 101 m

  • 111 m


A particle is projected from the ground with a kinetic energy E at an angle of 60° with the horizontal. Its kinetic energy at the highest point of its motion will be

  • E/2

  • E/2

  • E/4

  • E/8


A bullet on penetrating 30 cm into its target loses its velocity by 50%. What additional distance will it penetrate into the target before it comes to rest ?

  • 30 cm

  • 20 cm

  • 10 cm

  • 5 cm


Average distance of the Earth from the Sun is L1. If one year of the Earth = D days, one year of another planet whose average distance from the Sun is L2 will be

  • D L2L12 days

  • D L2L13/2 days

  • D L2L12/3 days

  • D L2L1 days


A spherical ball A of mass 4 kg, moving along a straight line strikes another spherical ball B of mass 1 kg at rest. After the collision, A and B move with velocities v1 ms-1 and v2 ms-1 respectively making angles of 30° and 60° with respect to the original direction of motion of A. The ratio v1v2 will be

  • 34

  • 43

  • 13

  • 3


In a slide caliper, (m + 1) number of vernier divisions is equal to m number of smallest main scale divisions. If d unit is the magnitude of the smallest main scale division, then the magnitude of the vernier constant is

  • d / (m + 1) unit

  • d / m unit

  • md / (m + 1) unit

  • (m + 1)d / m unit


From the top of a tower, 80 m high from the ground, a stone is thrown in the horizontal direction with a velocity of 8 ms-1 . The stone reaches the ground after a time 't' and falls at a distance of 'd' from the foot of the tower. Assuming g = 10 m/s2, the time t and distance d are given respectively by

  • 6 s, 64 m

  • 6 s, 48 m

  • 4 s, 32 m

  • 4 s, 16 m