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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


If the units of length, mass and force are chosen as fundamental units, the dimensions of time would be

  • [ M1/2 L-1/2 F1/2 ]

  • [ M1/2 L1/2 F1/2 ]

  • [ M1/2 L1/2 F-1/2 ]

  • [ M1/2 L-1/2 F-1/2 ]


A block of mass 2 kg is placed on the floor. The coefficient of static friction is 0·4. If a force of 2·8 N is applied on the block parallel to the floor, the force of friction between the block and the floor is (g = 10 ms-2 )

  • 2·8 N

  • 2 N

  • 8 N

  • Zero


A heavy truck moving with a velocity of 60 km h-1 collides with a light drum at rest. If the collision be elastic, then the velocity of the drum immediately after collision will be

  • zero

  • 60 km h-1

  • 120 km h-1

  • uncertain


A cyclist is moving in a circular track of radius 80 m with a velocity of 36 km h-1. He has to lean from the vertical approximately through an angle (Take g = 10 m s-2 )

  • tan-1 (4)

  • tan-1(1/8)

  • tan-1(1/4)

  • tan-1(2)


A satellite is in an orbit around the earth. If its kinetic energy is doubled, then

  • it will maintain its path

  • it will fall on the earth

  • it will rotate with a great speed

  • it will escape out of earth's gravitational field


A steel wire with cross-section 3 cm2 has elastic limit 2.4 x 108 N m-2. The maximum upward acceleration that can be given to a 1200 kg elevator supported by this cable wire if the stress is not to exceed one-third of the elastic limit is (Take g = 10 ms-2)

  • 12 m s-2

  • 10 m s-2

  • 8 m s-2

  • 7 m s-2


An arrow is projected into air. Its time of flight is 5 s and range 200 m. What is the maximum height reached by it? ( Take g= 10 ms-2 )

  • 31·25 m

  • 24·5 m

  • 18·25 m

  • 46·75 m


A particle moves in a circular path with decreasing speed. Choose the correct statement.

  • Angular momentum remains constant

  • Acceleration α is towards the centre

  • Particle moves in a spiral path with decreasing radius

  • The direction of angular momentum remains constant


A body of mass 2 kg is thrown up vertically with kinetic energy of 490 J. The height at which the kinetic energy of the body becomes half of its original value is

  • 50 m

  • 12.25 m

  • 25 m

  • 10 m


Two homogeneous spheres A and B of masses m and 2m having radii 2a and a respectively are placed in touch. The distance of centre of mass from first sphere is

  • a

  • 2a

  • 3a

  • none of these