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The angle between two linear transmembrane domains is defined by following vectors a = i^ + j^ - k^ and  b = i^ - j^  +  k^

  • cos-1 13

  • cos-1 -13

  • sin-1 -13

  • sin-1 13


The distance x (in µm) covered by a molecule starting from point A at time t = 0 and stopping at another point B in given by the equation  x = t2 2 - t3 The distance between A and B ( in μm) is closed to

  • 10.7

  • 20.7

  • 40.7

  • 50.7


A tangential force acting on the top of sphere of mass m kept on a rough horizontal place as shown in figure


If the sphere rolls without slipping, then the acceleration with which the centre of sphere moves, is

  • 10 F7 m

  • F2 m

  • 3 F7 m

  • 7 F2 m


The density of a rod having length l varies as ρ = c + dx, where x is the distance from the left end. The centre of mass is     

  • 3 cl + 2 D l23  2c + D l 

  • 2 cl + 3D I22  4c + 8I 

  • 2 cl + 3 DI23 2c + I

  • cl + DI22  2 c + DI 


One end of a massless spring of constant 100 N /m and natural length 0.5 m is fixed and the other end is connected to a particle of mass 0.5 kg lying on a frictionless horizontal table. The spring remains horizontal. If the mass is made to rotate at angular velocity of 2 rad/s, then elongation of spring is

  • 0.1 m

  • 10 cm

  • 1 cm

  • 0.01 cm


A block slides down on an incline of angle 30° with an acceleration g/4 . Find the kinetic 4 friction coefficient.

  • 1 / 2√2

  • 0.6

  • 1 / 2√3

  • 1 / √2


 A uniform ring of mass m and radius a is placed directly above a uniform sphere of mass m and of equal to radius. The centre of the ring is at a distance 3a from the centre of the sphere. The gravitational force (Fl exerted by the sphere on the ring is

  • 3 G Mm8 a2

  • 2 G M m3 a2

  • 7 G Mm2 a2

  • 3 G Mma2


A projectile is fired with a velocity u at angle θ with the ground surface. During the motion at any time it is making an angle a with the ground surface. The speed of particle at this time will be

  • ucosθ secα

  • ucosθ tanα

  • u2 cos2α sin2α

  • usinθ.sinα


Water level is maintained in a cylindrical vessel upto a fixed height H. The vessel is kept on a horizontal plane. At what height above the bottom should a hole be made in the vessel, so that the water stream coming out of the hole strikes the horizontal plane of the greatest distance from the vessel?


  • h = H2

  • h = 3H2

  • h = 2 H3

  • h = 34H


A pendulum having a bob of mass m is hanging in a ship sailing along the equator form east to west. When the strip is stationary with respect to water, the tension in the string is T0, The difference between T0 and
earth attraction on the bob, is

  • mg + m ω2 R2

  • 2 R3

  • 2 R2

  • 2 R