English Language


TET Class 12

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Which of the following is not a legitimate purpose of assessment in education?

  • To rank the learners on the basis of marks

  • To find out to what extent curriculum objectives have been achieved

  • To identify individual and special needs of learners

  • To improve the teaching-learning process


A child-centered classroom is characterized by

  • very passive teachers and active learners

  • a variety of learning activities for the learners

  • children sitting in the center of the classroom

  • children teaching other children under the supervision of the teacher


A teacher uses a report from a newspaper to teach writing. The material used thus for teaching is referred to as

  • authentic material

  • external material

  • realistic material

  • natural material


'Prediction' as a subskill is associated with

  • reading

  • drafting

  • summarising

  • note-making


When a test item expects the learners to use tense forms, voice, connectors, prepositions, and articles accurately, such an approach can be called

  • mixed grammar task

  • improper grammar testing

  • integrated grammar testing

  • asserted grammar practice


The language skills that cannot be assessed through a traditional pen-paper test are

  • reading and listening

  • listening and speaking

  • reading and speaking

  • writing and listening


When a teacher uses lessons in Science and Social Science to teach language, such an approach can be termed as

  • language across the curriculum

  • objective language teaching

  • pluralistic language teaching

  • discipline-wise language teaching


A teacher gives many sentences and asks her students to arrange them into a letter using appropriate connectors. The skill that is chiefly involved in this task is

  • rewriting

  • collecting information

  • expanding notes

  • organising


Which of the following is not a study skill?

  • Getting information from an encyclopedia

  • Writing formal reports

  • Note-taking

  • Using a dictionary



Language skills should be taught

  • in an integrated manner

  • through imitation

  • in isolation

  • through clear explanations


in an integrated manner

Language is part of everyone's life, it exists everywhere whenever there is human interaction, so it should be taught accordingly i.e. in an integrated manner.