English Language


TET Class 12

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions



When the teacher quietly observes the students during a collaborative grammar activity, the activity plays a/an _________ role.

  • diagnostic

  • evaluative

  • interactive

  • record-keeping



The observation by the teacher in the collaborative grammar activity will provide the teacher idea that to how much extent the learners have grasped, hence it will be diagnostic in nature.


Students can master complex language structures without being aware of the fact they are doing so, through

  • regular, simple grammar practice sessions

  • teachers avoiding the teaching of structure altogether

  • use of grammar games with a focus on relevant structures

  • more speaking and listening practice with regular feedback


In this example, there is a deviation from the apparently intended form of an utterance. Identify the error.
Target I must let the cat out of the house.
Error I must let the house out of the cat.

  • Lexical selection error

  • Word-exchange error

  • Omission

  • Substitution


_____________ is the particular way a learner prefers to learn a second or foreign language.

  • Cognitive style

  • Cognitive process

  • Behaviourist approach

  • Literal approach


The focus is on using the language rather than analysis of the language and grammar is taught implicitly rather than explicitly.

  • Direct Approach

  • Communicative Approach

  • Grammar-translation Method

  • Structural Method


The students are asked to answer inferential questions about information which was implied by the text. Here, the
student's _________ can be evaluated.

  • speaking skill

  • listening and writing skills

  • reading and listening skills

  • reading skill


Teachers may respond to young writers according to their individuals' needs. How?

  • Give them detailed feedback on grammatical errors only

  • Praise what they do well, making specific comments about the work

  • Encourage them by overlooking certain errors

  • Reward students who write well before the whole class


How does computer technology support language learning in Classes V and VI, to enhance accuracy in student's writing?

  • Rapid drill work

  • Detailed error feedback

  • Spelling and grammar checking

  • Formatting and font design


The benefit of the bilingual approach in a second language classroom is that

  • students gain confidence in the mother tongue

  • students stop using their mother tongue altogether

  • students understand basic concepts/ assumptions more easily

  • there is less distraction for students in the class


Individualised educational programmes with intensive support to help students to consolidate their basic knowledge is referred to as

  • advanced study programmes

  • introductory courses

  • remedial coaching

  • revision sessions