English Language


TET Class 12

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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Grammar-translation method is basically used to teach

  • foreign language

  • rules of any language usage

  • classical language

  • grammar


Which one of the following can be used as a rubric for the assessment of fluency and coherence of language?

  • Can initiate and logically develop simple conversation on a familiar topic.

  • Is always comprehensible, uses appropriate intonation.

  • Demonstrates hesitation to find words or use correct grammatical structures.

  • Can express with some flexibility and appropriacy on variety of topics.


Which one of the following is not the objective defined by NCF-2005 for teaching English at upper primary level?

  • To use dictionary suitable to their needs.

  • To be able to articulate individual/personal responses effectively.

  • To promote learners' conceptualisation of printed texts in terms of heading, paragraph, and horizontal lines.

  • To negotiate their own learning goals and evaluate their own progress; edit, revise, review their own work.


If you are listening to the description of how to reach a specific location, then you are doing

  • focused listening

  • intensive listening

  • extensive listening

  • casual listening


If a language teacher has put the words 'school, teacher, headmaster, peon' in a group, then she is following

  • semantic grouping

  • phonetic grouping

  • grammatical grouping

  • lexical grouping


6. At the initial stages of language learning,________may be one of the languages for learning activities that create the child's awareness to the world (NCF-2005)

  • Vernacular language

  • Second language

  • Hindi

  • English


Vernacular language

Vernacular language is the native language of a specific population living within a country. As per NCF 2005, a child's mother tongue or local language should be considered as the best medium of instruction in initial stages.


Little or no attention is given to pronunciation in method.

  • grammar-translation

  • CLT

  • SLT

  • audio-lingual


Which one of the following does not come under the principle of selection and gradation?

  • Availability

  • Frequency

  • Coverage

  • Accuracy


The phenomenon, where a single word is associated with two or several related meanings, is known as

  • homograph

  • polysemy

  • homonymy

  • homonyms

10. 'The dog lived in the garden, but the cat, who was smarter, lived inside the house' is an example of
  • complex compound sentence

  • complex sentence

  • compound sentence

  • simple sentence