In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Choose the correct word from the given options which fits the blank appropriately.

There is an old story told of a man who (151) into a deep sleep. His friend stayed by him as long as he (152). Being compelled to go and fearing that he might be in want, the friend hid a (153) in the old man's garment. When the old man (154), not (155) that his friend had (156) a jewel in his garment, he wandered about in (157), hungry. A long time afterwards, the two men met again. The friend told the poor man about the jewel and (158) him to look for it. Like the old man in the story, people (159) about in this life, (160) of what is hidden away in their inner nature, pure and untarnished.
The friend told the poor man about the jewel and (158) him to look for it.

  • propose

  • considered

  • suggested

  • advised




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