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Control and Coordination

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What happens at the synapse between two neurons?

At synapse, information carrying neuron’s axon end, electrical impulse sets off the release of some chemicals (neurotransmitter). These chemicals cross the gap or synapse and reach to dendrites of the next neuron and start electrical impulse there.

At synapse, information carrying neuron’s axon end, electrical impu
Fig. Nerve cell with medullated nerve fibre

Which part of the brain maintains posture and equilibrium of the body?

Posture and equilibrium of the body are controlled by a part of the hind-brain called the cerebellum.

What is the role of the brain in reflex action?

Reflex action is not only due to the function of  spinal cord only. Brain is the coordinating centre of the body. Since neuronal connections are concentrated in the brain, the information from the reflex arc (the bundle of nerves from all over the body in the spinal cord) is sent to the brain and the brain processes the information.

How do we detect the smell of an agarbatti (incense stick)?

Smell of an agarbatti is sensed by receptor in the nose and the information is transmitted to olfactory lobe located in the fore-brain which interprete the information and give us a perception of smell.

What is the difference between a reflex action and walking?

S. No.

Reflex action



Reflex action is a spontaneous immediate response to a stimulus. It happens without thinking.

Walking is a response to the information transmitted by nerve to muscles of the legs. In this case, thinking is involved.


Reflex action is controlled and coordinated by spinal cord.

Hind-brain instructs and controls leg muscles to move.


It is an involuntary action.

It is a voluntary action.