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Plant Growth and Development

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Define growth, differentiation, development, dedifferentiation, redifferentiation, determinate growth, meristem and growth rate.

Growth : Growth may be defined as permanent or irreversible change in the size of a cell, organ or whole organism usually accompanied by an increase in dry weight.

Differentiation : Differentiation is the process whereby cells undergo few to major structural changes that lead to the maturation. The cells mature to perform specialized functions. 

Development: Development includes all the series of changes which an organism goes through during its life cycle.

Dedifferentiation : It is the process by which the living differentiated cells which had lost the capacity to divide regain  the capacity to divide under certain conditions.

Redifferentiation : Redifferentiation is defined as maturation or differentiation of dedifferentiated tissues.

Determination growth . The ability of a cell, tissue or the organism to grow for a limited period is called determinate growth.

Meristem : Meristem is a group of cells which have power of division and add new cells to the body.

Growth rate : It is the increased growth per unit time.


 Term kinetinwas coined by whom ?

Skoog and Miller.

 Give the types of auxins.

Auxins are of two types :

(1) Natural auxins : These are naturally occuring auxins, isolated from plants and are regarded as phytohormones e.g. IAA. NAA etc.

(2) Synthetic auxins : These are synthesized by artificially e.g. IBA 2,4-D etc.


What is C/N ratio ?

C/N ratio is the ratio of carbohydrates and nitrogenous compounds which regulate the growth in plants. 

Who isolated auxin and from where ?

Auxin was isolated by F.W. Went from tips of coleoptiles of oat seedling.


Who coined the term gibberellin ?