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Plant Growth and Development

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What happens in In arithmetic growth In arithmetic cell division In arithmetic growth?

In arithmetic growth, after mitotic division only one cell continues to divide and the others differentiate and mature. For eg - root elongating at a constant rate.

Mathematically it is expressed as. 

begin mathsize 20px style bold L subscript bold t bold space bold equals bold space bold L subscript bold o bold space end subscript bold space bold plus bold space bold rt end style

L= Length at time 't'
Lo Length at time 'zero'
r = Growth rate

 Give the types of auxins.

Auxins are of two types :

(1) Natural auxins : These are naturally occuring auxins, isolated from plants and are regarded as phytohormones e.g. IAA. NAA etc.

(2) Synthetic auxins : These are synthesized by artificially e.g. IBA 2,4-D etc.

 Term kinetinwas coined by whom ?

Skoog and Miller.

What is C/N ratio ?

C/N ratio is the ratio of carbohydrates and nitrogenous compounds which regulate the growth in plants. 

Who coined the term gibberellin ?


Who isolated auxin and from where ?

Auxin was isolated by F.W. Went from tips of coleoptiles of oat seedling.