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What are the implications of India having a long coastline ?

The implications:

(i) It provides easy transport and act as a trade route with different countries.

(ii)It also poses challenges to national security from the  hostile neighbour.

Which one of the following countries shares the longest land frontier with India ?
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Myanmer



Does India need to have more than one standard time ? If yes, why do you think so?

Yes, India needs to have more than one standard time, because there is a time gap of about 2 hours between the easternmost parts to westernmost parts to westernmost parts of the country. The large longitudinal expanse of India about 30°  approximately. So even when the sun is still shining in the western coast, it is already night in the northeast. Hence, we need two or three time zones to clearly reflect diurnal changes.

A country like USA has seven times zones due to their vast east to a west extent.

How is the latitudinal spread of India advantegious to her ?

The latitudinal extent of India is 3214 km from north to south. This spread of this extension is advantageous to the country in the following ways :

(i)The southern part of the country lies within the tropics while the northern part lies in temperate or sub-tropic zone. These variation in the climates is useful for the agricultural activities.

(ii)The latitudinal extension is responsible for large variations in land forms, soil types and vegetation in the country.

(iii)Different types of forests are found in the country due to the north-south latitudinal extension.

Which one of the following latitudinal extents is relevant for the extent of India’s main land ?
  • 8°.41' N — 35°.7'N
  • 8°.4' N — 37°.6' N
  • 8°.4'N —35°.6'N
  • 6°45'N — 37°6'N 


8°.4' N — 37°.6' N