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Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow each:
The little old house was out with a little new shed
In front at the edge of the road where the traffic sped
A roadside stand that too pathetically pled
It would not be fair to say for a dole of bread
But for some of the money, the cash, whose flow supports
The flower of cities from sinking and withering faint
1. Where was the little new shed put up? What was its purpose?
2. What did it plead for? Why do you think it pled pathetically?

1. The little new shed was put up in front of an old house at the edge of the road. It was to sell some cheap things.
2. It pleaded for monetary help from the polished traffic with the sale of their cheap items. It pled pathetically because people of high strata of life passed from the road indifferently.


The purpose of the putting up of the shed was to:

  • earn some money from city people who passed from there

  • sell liquor

  • sell cheap items

  • Both (a) and (c)


Both (a) and (c)


What was put up in front of an old house at the edge of the road?

  • A saloon

  • A shanty

  • A little newshed

  • A mall


A little newshed


Have you ever stopped at a roadside stand? What have you observed there?

Yes, last Saturday I drove down to go to Dehradun. It was a very long journey of about six hours from Delhi. On the way, we took a halt at the roadside stand made by the villagers.

To our surprise the poor villagers became very glad. We saw some rare varieties of fruits put for sale in wooden containers. The quality of all the things was very good.

Of course, I asked the price of each item.

One or two were really priced higher than that in cities. So I had to bargain, and that was the villager wanted to induce me for a bulk purchase. I bought many varieties of different fruits. We ate and relished the natural taste in each. We brought a lot for the home We were happy to note the pleasure that glowed on their faces at our stopping near them. They were gentle, sympathetic, curious to help and even obliged us by their country scale, we can’t explain. It is now a beautifu landscape for us now.


Give the summary of the poem ‘A Roadside Stand’.


How does Robert Frost represent the pathetical state of the people who run ‘A Roadside Stand’?

Robert Frost in his poem ‘A Roadside Stand’ has very clearly visualised the plight of the rural folk. The city folk who drived through the countryside hardly pay any heed to the roadside stand or the people who run it. The poet has urged the necessity of the balanced development of both.

On the roadside stand, the poor villagers wait all day for the polished city traffic passing through, to stop for a while there. They have put good quality consumables on sale for them. But hardly any out of thousand selfish cars stop there. If any does it for some inquiry and not for any cash-flow to the poor people.

The sadness of the trusting sorrow lurks on their faces. They feel their childish longing goes in vain. The city people don’t have a spirit of co-operating and raising the lot of the rural people. On the other hand, they look for their calculated benefits. Still the poet hopes that the city people will take the poor villagers out of their pain by helping them. In return it will remove the insufferable pain of the poet as well.


Do you think that Robert Frost has rightly portrayed the role of different agencies in the name of helping the poor people?


According to Robert Frost all the social agencies derive their calculated benefits in the name of helping the poor. Comment.

The poet has rightly portrayed the selfish human nature. The indifferent attitude of the city folk towards the rural folk is also a well-known fact.

The refined city people passing through the countryside in their luxurious cars, hardly pay any heed to the people who run the roadside stand. They don’t stop there thinking it to be a mere waste of time. If they do, it is for making some or the other inquiry. It leaves behind a trusting sorrow on the faces of the poor people because they don’t make any purchase there.

The Government and other social agencies make tall promises but they do no good. They misguide them and obtain profit from them. The poor go on waiting in vain. The greedy good-doers make false promises of their upliftment but do nothing.