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Analyse any four conditions on the basis of which an entire lot of apple jam can declare as adulterated by food safety and standard Association of India (FSSAI).

Conditions are:

  1. Apples used to prepare jam are rotten.
  2. Jam Prepared under unhygienic conditions.
  3. Too much-permitted colour/preservative used.
  4. An unpermitted preservative or unpermitted colours are used.
  5. Jam not prepared according to prescribed. Standards of FSSAI.


What could be the two possible conditions under which the Food safety and standard Authority of India (FSSAI) imposes fine on a shopkeeper selling mustard oil after declaring the oil as adulterated? List two health hazards of consuming such oils.

Possible conditions under which the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) imposes fine on a shopkeeper are

  1. Mustard oil adulterated with argemone oil/mineral oil/rancid oil.
  2. The oil traders use a substance called butter oil to get the mustardy yellow colour and then camouflage the smell by mixing essence of mustard.

Health Hazards:

  1. Epidemic dropsy and Glaucoma.
  2. Oxidative stress and death of red blood cells.
  3. Gatro intestinal disturbance.
  4. Liver gets enlarged.

The water in which you soaked Bengalgram (Channa Dal) turned yellow. You also find that the shape of the dal is not uniform. What in your opinion is the reason for these two observations? Name two more foods you have noticed to have the same problem. What are the health hazards of consuming such foods?

  1. Yellow colour because of metanil yellow
  2. Shape of channa dal is not uniform because of adulteration of Kesari dal
  3. Other food adulterated with metanil yellow

    1. Besan sweet
    2. jalebi
    3. ladoo
    4. jaggery Ice candy

    Other food adulterated with kesari dal:

    1. Whole masoor( in whole form)
    2. Arhar dal( in split form)
    3. Besan ( in powder form)

    Health hazards of metanil yellow

    1. Carcinogenic
    2. Abnormalities of skin, lungs, eyes , bones.
    3. Sterlity
    4. Anemia
    5. Mental retardation
    6. Lead accumulation

    Health hazards of Kesari Dal:

    1. Pain and stiffness of knee, ankle and joints in males
    2. Paralysis of lower limbs/crippled(/ lathyrism )