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Identify eight such areas in the kitchen where unhygienic conditions can develop and hence need your attention .

Eight areas in the kitchen where unhygienic conditions can be developed are given as-

  1. Clogged wire mesh
  2. Dust and grime on tube lights and fans
  3. Grease on exhaust fan
  4. Stained/dirty tiles and work surfaces, floors
  5. Dustbins-unlined / not emptied/ not covered
  6. Unsealed crevices /cracks
  7. Cobwebs in corners
  8. Drains and cockroach traps
  9. Kitchen cupboards /shelves

Convince Sunil by giving three reasons to record his monthly expenses. Present a suitable format of this recording.

  1. It helps judicious spending, aware of wasteful expenditure.
  2. Money lasts throughout the month.
  3. Can compare prices and expenses of the previous month.
  4. Prioritise expenses.

Month Name of things 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week  4th Week  Total Amount 
Feb House Rent          
March   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---

Write the difference between growth and development?

Growth Development
Growth shows quantitative change i.e. change in height weight etc. In development, we observe qualitative and quantitative changes.
Growth is due to cell division in a living organism. Development is observed by behavioural changes.