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The Crisis of Democratic Order

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Politics In India Since Independence

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Political Science

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Describe the main causes for students unrest in Gujarat and Bihar in 1974.

The causes were: Rising prices, food scarcity, unemployment and corruption.

Match the following :
A. Justice Jagmohan Lai Singh (i) Chief Justice of India
B. Justice A.N. Ray (ii) Allahabad High Court
C. Jayaprakash Narayan (iii) Fast in Gujarat
D. Morarji Desai (iv) March to Parliament


Justice Jagmohan Lai Singh


Allahabad High Court


Justice A.N. Ray


Chief Justice of India


Jayaprakash Narayan


March to Parliament


Morarji Desai


Fast in Gujarat

Fill in the blanks :

‘In the background of the ruling of the ______ Court in the ________ case, an amendment was made declaring that elections of ________,________ and Vice President could not be challenged in the court’.

Allahabad High, Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, President

Describe the changes that occurred in Indian politics between 1967 and 1975.

The following changes ocurred in Indian politics between 1967 and 1975 :

(i) Indira Gandhi emerged as a towering leader with tremendous popularity.

(ii) The party competition became bitter and polarised.

(iii) There was tension in the relationship between the government and the judiciary.

(iv) The politics was becoming too personalised and the governmental authority was being converted into personal authority as happened during the emergency.



Why did the critics of Emergency justify the protests and movements against the government in 1975 ?

The protests and movements against the government were justified on the following grounds :

(i) Indian politics had a history of popular struggles.

(ii) Right to publicly protest against the goverment.

(iii)Mostlyw peaceful and non-violent agitations in Bihar and Gujarat.

(iv) No cases were registered against most of the detainees.

(v) No concern about law and order were expressed by the Home Ministry.

(vi) Enough routine powers with the government to deal with the situation.


Mention the economic context prior to the imposition of Emergency in 1975.

The economic context were as mentioned below:

(i) The Bangladesh crisis had put a heavy strain on India’s economy. About eight million people crossed over the East Pakistan border into India. This was followed by war with Pakistan. 

(ii) After the Indo-Pak war of 1965, the US government had stopped all aid to India.

(iii) In the international market the manifold increase in oil prices led to an all-round increase in prices of commodities. Such level of inflation caused much hardship to the people.

(iv) Industrial growth was low and unemployment was very high, particularly in rural areas.

(v) In order to reduce expenditure, the government froze the salaries of its employees. This caused further dissatisfaction among the goverment employees.

(vi) Food grain output declined by 8 per cent.