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Name the first major port of India developed after Independence.

Kandla Port


"Despite the setback, caused by the partition, Indian ports continued to grow after the independence." Support the statement with examples. 

Development of Indian ports:

(i) Today Indian ports are handling large volume of domestic as well as overseas trade.

(ii) Most of the ports are equipped with modern infrastructure.

(iii) Previously the development and modernisation was the responsibility of the government's agencies but now private entrepreneurs have been invited for the modernisation of ports in India.

(iv) The capacity of Indian ports increased 20 million tonnes in 1951 to more than 500 million tonnes at present.

(v) Most of the foreign trade is handled by the sea routes. Hence ports continue to develop.


(26.1) In the given political Outline Map of the World, the following four features are shown:

(A) A major area of Commercial livestock rearing.

(B) A major Sea Port.

(C) A major Air Port.

(D) A Mega City.
Identify these features and write their correct names on the lines marked near each feature.
(26.2) In the given political Outline Map of India, locate and label the following with appropriate symbols:

(i) The state having the smallest area.

(ii) An iron ore mine of Karnataka.

(iii) A software Technology Park located in Himachal Pradesh.

A. New Zealand

B. New Orlean

C. Cairo

D. London



Explain any three reasons for the sharp rise in overseas trade of India, after Independence.

The reasons:

(i) Transport: With expansions of rail, ocean and air transport, better means of refrigeration and preservation, trade has experienced spatial expansion.

(ii) Population: Standard of living of the population determines the demand for better quality imported products because with low standard of living only a few people can afford to buy costly imported goods.

(iii) Ports: The chief gateways of the world of international trade are the harbours and ports. Cargoes and travelers pass from one part of the world to another through these ports.


Which major sea port on the eastern coast of India has a land-locked harbour ?