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What are the advantages of classifying organisms?

Classification is advantageous in the following way:

(i) Classification makes the study of huge varieties of organisms easy.

(ii)  It helps us to understand the interrelationship among different groups of organisms.

(iii) It helps in the specific identification of any given organism.

(iv) The study of a few representatives from each distinct group helps us to integrate the idea of life as a whole.

(v) It reveals the relationships among various groups of organisms.

(vi) It provides information about plants and animals, which occur in specific geographical regions.

(vii) It indicates the evolutionary relationship by establishing the gradually increasing complexity of form and structure in different groups of organisms.



What is the primary characteristic on which the first division of organism is made?

The primary characteristic on which the first division of organisms is made is the organisation of nucleus. Whether organism has eukaryotic cell i.e., membrane-bound organelle, including nucleus or has prokaryotic cell i.e., has no clearly demarketed nucleus and membrane-bound organelles.


Will advanced organisms be the same as complex organisms? Why?

Advanced organisms may be same as complex organisms. Since there is a possibility that complexity increases with time and the organisms accumalate changes for better adaptation and survival, therefore we can say that advanced organssims are complex in nature. 



Which organisms are called primitive and how are they different from the so-called advanced organisms?

The organisms which have ancient body design that that have not changed much over the course of time, are known as primitive or lower organism.

Advanced organisms are those who have accumulated changes and acquired their particular body designs relatively recently.

The difference between the two are : 

1. Primitive organisms have simpler body design where as advanced or younger organisms have complex body design.

2. Primitive or lower organism have not changed much whereas the advanced organisms are those who have acquired their particular body designs relatively recently and possess changes.



Give three examples of the range of variations that you see in life form around you.

Range of Variations:

(i) Life span- insects live for a few days whereas cow, dog and humans  etc. live for many years.

(ii) body structure—Organisms like cows, insects   plants and humans have different body structures. 

(iii) Size—Some organisms are  small while the others are big. Even different plants are of different sizes


On what basis are plants and animals put into different categories?

Plants and animals are put into different groups on the basis of whether the organisms produce their own food through process of photosynthesis (plants) or organisms get food from outside (animals).