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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions


Match the modification in Column I with the part modified in Column II and choose the right option.

Column I Column II
1. Pneumatophores in Rhizophora A. Axillary buds
2. Tendrils in pea B. Roots
3. Thorns in Citrus C. Leaves

  • 1 - B; 2 - A; 3 - C

  • 1 - C; 2 - A; 3 - B

  • 1 - C; 2 - B; 3 - A

  • 1 - B; 2 - C; 3 - A

  • 1 - B; 2 - C; 3 - A



The modified supporting roots called prop roots and stilt roots are seen respectively in

(i) Banyan and maize

(ii) Banyan and sugarcane

(iii) maize and banyan

(iv) Sugarcane and maize

  • (i) only

  • (ii) only

  • (ii) only

  • (i) and (ii) only

  • (i) and (ii) only


(i) and (ii) only

Banyan tree have supporting roots system which supports its branches whereas maize and sugarcane have stilt root which help plant to stand erect.


Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of Fabaceae?

  • Fruit is a berry

  • Sepals five, gamosepalous and imbricate aestivation

  • Stamens ten

  • Ovary superior, monocarpellary and unilocular with many ovules

  • Ovary superior, monocarpellary and unilocular with many ovules


Which of these plants has pinnately compound leaf at a node?

  • Alstonia

  • Calotropis

  • Guava

  • Mustard

  • Mustard


The mango fruit is a drupe type in which are mesocarp is

  • Fibrous

  • Stony hard

  • Thin and fleshy

  • Fleshy and edible

  • Fleshy and edible


Which of the these is not a part of the anther wall?

  • Epidermis

  • Middle layers

  • Endothecium

  • Nucellus

  • Nucellus