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 Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions



Pick out the wrong statement

(A) Apoplast is the system of adjacent cell walls that is continuous throughout the plant

(B) Endodermis is impervious to water molecules

(C) Pinus seeds germinate and establish without the presence of mycorrhizae.

  • (A) and (B)

  • (B) and (C)

  • (C) only

  • (B) only

  • (B) only


(C) only

Pinus seeds cannot germinate without mycorrhiza.


Which of the following is false in angiosperms?

  • Egg cell – Haploid

  • Megaspore – Diploid

  • Pollen grain – Haploid

  • Synergid – Haploid

  • Synergid – Haploid


Diplontic type of life cycle is seen in
(i) Fucus

(ii) Gymnosperms

(iii) Pteriodophytes

(iv) Bryophytes

  • (i) only

  • (i) and (iv) only

  • (i) and (iii) only

  • (iii) only

  • (iii) only


Which of the following statements is wrong about bryophytes?

  • Bryophytes are also called amphibian of the plant kingdom.

  • The gametophyte is the main plant body

  • Sexual reproduction takes place in the presence of water

  • Sporophyte is not free-living but attached to the photosynthesis gametophyte

  • Sporophyte is not free-living but attached to the photosynthesis gametophyte


Which of the following statements about Pteridophytes is true?

  • The homosporous forms are precursors to the seed habit

  • Gametophyte is the dominant plant body

  • First terrestrial plants to possess vascular tissues

  • Equisetum is a member of pteropsida

  • Equisetum is a member of pteropsida


Pinus seed cannot germinate and establish without fungal association. This is because :

  • it has obligate association with mycorrhizae.

  • it has very hard seed coat

  • its seeds contain inhibitors that prevent germination.

  • its embryo is immature


Phloem in gymnosperms lacks :

  • Sieve tubes only

  • Companion cells only

  • Both sieve tubes and companion cells

  • Albuminous cells and sieve cells


The alga used for quick sewage disposal is 

  • Ulothrix

  • Cladophora

  • Volvox

  • Chiarella